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Kyle Rittenhouse Proves His Low Character, Again

January 14, 2021

Sometimes the news is just so unsettling it almost makes one wish to turn away in disgust. When it comes to the latest news concerning Kyle Rittenhouse turning away might be due to being embarrassed for him. Clearly, he has no self-shame.

The killing of two people last year in Kenosha in a bizarre and vigilante-style move by Rittenhouse should have been the moment his family understood the highly troubled person was in need of help. It would appear such help was not forthcoming.

News this week is that his mother, upon Kyle turning 18, took him to a bar. That is where he was seen drinking beer while wearing a T-shirt reading “Free as (expletive).”

Classy, all the way around.

As a consequence, prosecutors are now asking a judge to order Kyle to stay out of bars, and away from violent white power groups like the Proud Boys. Five men at the bar serenaded Kyle to a song long associated with the Proud Boys, a white supremacist group. (I didn’t know men sernaded each other at straight bars.) Kyle was also seen, as reported in the prosecutors’ motion posing outside with two men as they all put their thumbs and forefingers together in what looks like an OK sign, which has become a symbol used by some white supremacists.

I fully understand we are not talking about a scholar here, or even one who seems able to finish high school. But it would seem to me, and I suspect the bulk of my readers, that the adults and guardians of Kyle should have the foresight and supervisory skills to make sure that he comes to grips with what he did when running like a crazed person last year.

Facing homicide charges and being free on a $2 million bail might be the time for someone in his life to counsel him that drinking three beers in 90 minutes in a bar while wearing a most offensive T-shirt, and acting in racist fashion is not acceptable in polite society. Given that he has clearly demonstrated no ability to constrain his actions to meet with the laws of the state it seems more than necessary for the judge to rule that he be prohibited from drinking alcohol in the future.

I have often posted about the need for parents, as well as guardians, to do their utmost with their young charges. Society should not not be burdened with the results of their failures. This is but one more example of what happens when society is left to pick up the pieces. Sadly, that is not possible for the families of the two people Kyle Rittenhouse killed.

And so it goes.

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