As We Move Forward As A Nation….

As we begin fresh with the inauguration of a new president, I trust there will be many reporters in our land who will strive to emulate this great American journalist pictured on the book jacket below. Each citizen now has a chance to step up to the plate and align ourselves with the ideals of the nation. We have seen what happens when we pretend such work is not important, or that it can be left to others who care not what happens. The first and vital step on that journey is to be fact-based and well-informed about the news in this country and how world events shape our policy moves.

As is often stressed on Caffeinated Politics the best way to understand our current times is to be rooted in the knowledge of our rich past. As such, Edward R. Murrow can teach us much about what is best about journalism and how it absolutely impacts our democracy. He is, in my definition, an essential American. Younger folks who may not know of him should learn why he matters so much to this nation, and older readers should again anchor themselves to the idea of what this nation was founded upon. Too many people have no understanding of the role of a working press or the way those men and women are more important to our democracy than any member of the military.