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Historical Photos As Donald And Melania Trump Leave Washington In A Most Tawdry Fashion

January 18, 2021

It was announced that Melania Trump will not invite incoming-First Lady Jill Biden to tea and a tour of the White House family quarters. That long-held custom that took place between outgoing and incoming presidential families is just the latest in a very long list of traditions that the Trump family has thrown out the window, tossed under the bus, and flushed away.

No one really thought that either of the Trumps would possess the character to have Joe and Jill Biden to the White House following the election. But for those who treasure our history, there was always the hope we could be wrong. But sadly, no one has ever gone broke betting on low-brow behavior from the Trumps.

Donald is throwing a tantrum and will leave Washington without acknowledging his defeat or greeting his successor. Meanwhile, Melania departs the White House proving the gossip over the past years is accurate when defining her base motives. You do not get in bed with Donald Trump for love.

In a series of historical pictures, we recall the way most normal people have acted over the decades during presidential transitions.

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