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President Biden Readies Government For COVID Action, Trump Left WH On Day Of Most American Deaths

January 21, 2021

It comes as not a shock to anyone (other than the Kool-Aid drinkers) to learn that Donald Trump did not develop a national strategy to vaccinate our nation against the pandemic. The virus on Wednesday claimed the lives of over 4,300 Americans, the highest single day yet in our national death toll. Without a federal plan and determined focus, we have seen the chaotic and deadly results.

State health systems for many months have been working with high volumes of sick people, workers stressed to the max, and were being asked to establish a massive, comprehensive vaccination system. To top it off there are not enough doses of the vaccines for the nation. Without any regard for the states, who are financially strapped, Trump dumped the entire problem on their governments. Then he self-isolated in the White House after losing the election, schemed autocratic plots, and never did one single thing more for a nation that has now lost over 400,000 people to COVID.

During the presidential transition over the past two months, we are well aware that Trump refused to share crucial information about supplies and vaccine availability with the new administration. That is staggering to ponder, and doubly so, when one knows that our nation, with truly operational logistic systems, and a wide bevy of technologies and infrastructure can indeed not only produce enough vaccine for the high demand but also get the doses into the arms of our fellow citizens.

But it has to have time to be implemented. That process should have started many months ago.

This present situation is not a matter that is too daunting to overcome, but rather one that simply was not willing to be undertaken by the previous person sitting in the Oval Office. Not only should every rank-and-file American be demanding a robust response going forward, but every single business person should be screaming from on high that our government takes the reins and marshall a federal plan. Until we bring to heel this virus no one will feel safe to head to a movie theatre, no symphony will perform for an audience, and no retailer will see store aisles jammed with consumers.

We must have a federal response to this pandemic.

For all my disgust with the previous administration, I have great faith and trust in moving forward with President Joe Biden in command. But having said that I am mindful that being present at the start of a federal plan does not get one very far when thousands are dying every single day in this nation. The time that was wasted over the past year is a crime. So while it is imperative Biden use his executive authority to aggressively protect workers, ensure racial equity in treatment and vaccinations, and dramatically increase the production of test kits, vaccines, and personal protective equipment—we know this all did not need to happen had there been one shred of decency in the last president.

Let me just state the facts.

On Wednesday, 184,754 more Americans were confirmed as infected according to The New York Times COVID-19 map and case count. The death count is numbing. Yesterday a record 4,367 more Americans died, a jump of 14 percent in two weeks. The stats on the site shows there are 122,700 people hospitalized with the virus. Over the past week, there has been an average of 194,754 new cases per day. Cases are increasing in 19 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile, deaths are rising in 19 states, including Maine, as well as D.C.

When it comes to the most pressing issue at hand it can be stated concisely. There are simply not enough doses of authorized vaccines to meet the enormous demand. And that is not likely to change for the next few months. Even with Biden at the helm undoing the damage and moving forward will take time—something that many in our nation have little of as the pandemic rages.

As of Wednesday, nearly 36 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had been distributed to state and local governments. However, only about 16.5 million shots had been administered to patients. To underscore the reality it needs noting that when listening and reading what Federal health officials are saying it is clear they feel it is impossible to increase the immediate supply of vaccines before April at the earliest, because of lack of manufacturing capacity. And until we have a logical plan for administering the vaccines increasing the available dosages will not matter.

As much as Biden, and the majority in the nation understand, the lack of a federal plan and full authority already underway and implemented today to combat the pandemic means our nation has a long uphill road ahead of us. It all underscores why we needed to have had a functioning president over the past year!

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