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White Supremacist Extremists Threaten America

January 27, 2021

The unsettling news was dropped into my email box as I was writing a note to a friend about Mank, a recent Hollywood production aimed at recreating the magic of movie-making from decades ago. What I read in my email was no fictitious account of film-making magic for the big-screen. Rather, the news was simply a reminder of the dangerous times in which we live.

The Department of Homeland Security had just issued a threat bulletin, the email read, due to the potential for violence from extremists that object to the presidential transition, hold anti-government views, or are motivated by other false narratives. Only minutes earlier I had read a fast post on Facebook from someone who opined that “I think we need to bring back School House Rocks. Too many adults forget their history lessons.” I responded, “Or never learned them!”

There is no doubt that in our nation there exists a segment–and even a sizable segment–that is tethered to their conservative mindset, though unable to articulate it or define how it meshes with our pluralistic society. White people who feel they somehow have been treated shabbily and their culture undermined. They feel no way to compete in a world of diverse ideas and social realignments. They continually see college-educated people running workplaces and governing in urban centers where fewer ‘look’ and ‘act’ like they do at the local tavern and bowling alley.

Many have argued, and some even somewhat convincingly, that the cause of the white angst is rooted in economics. I would agree up to the point that economics is central to having solid educational opportunities, which clearly a large segment of the ones who act with violence against the government do not have. But at the heart of the white resentments is racism. From marching out in the open at the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017 to calling for the overthrow of the government at the “Stop the Steal” rallies there is a link to white supremacy which can not, and must not be avoided when it comes to understanding who makes up this larger group.

The attack on the Capitol was yet another chapter in this ugly history. It was a literal who’s who of modern right-wing extremism. Analysts from ADL’s Center on Extremism noted in the crowds Wednesday members of the Oath Keepers, an anti-government armed militia group. White supremacist and Groyper Army leader Nick Fuentes was present and joined fellow “America First” adherents in chants of “Christ is King!” Nearby, members of the white supremacist New Jersey European Heritage Association waved their group’s flag. Various individuals carried banners of Kekistan, a fictional country invented by right-wing enthusiasts on 4Chan, or the stars and bars of the Confederacy.

This blog has continuously denounced the race-baiting politics that took place since Donald Trump took an escalator down to a microphone where he uttered racial animus while announcing his bid for president. (That was one of the few sentences on my blog where his name and the word president appear together.) The fact that a White House was the source for racial sentiments expressed with a bullhorn, and then also used as a venue to spread absolutely false notions about the recent election has spurred those with too little education or moral grounding to now threaten insurrection.

We only need to put recent events into a quick context to grasp the level of racism that is at work. By now we are all aware of the terrorist who stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Riley June Williams, the 22-year-old woman planned to sell it to Russia. We are also aware that this criminal has been released on her mom’s assurance that she will be good from here forward.

We know precisely what the result of such a national strike at our government would look like if it were a Black person who wanted to strike a deal with a Russian agent for the Speaker’s computer! First off, there would be the million-dollar bail.

The people who stormed the seat of our national government, who now have created enough leads on social media threads and dark channels to make today’s bulletin necessary from DHS, must not be viewed as just errant members of society. They have been schooled for years within the echo chamber of mental rot, conservative talk-radio to Fox News at night, where messages that whites are being undermined by diversity and ‘cultural elites’ are pushed and then repeated ad-nauseam . How should we interpret the ‘war on Christianity’ other than the outcome of a continuous false narrative aimed to arouse the lowest educated in the land? The same tools of persuasion among this segment of the nation are used for racial stoking, too.

Our nation is all too well aware of the horrors from the Ku Klux Klan and their kindred cousins. We have often termed them as our nation’s original terrorists. Over the past years, we have plenty of proof to see those remnants of that most of un-American scourges is finding new ways to again make headlines. Too many in the Republican Party simply will not speak out about this racism as they do not wish to offend the racists in their own base.

Chicken or the egg argument all over again!

And so it goes.

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