Unbelievable Times As Marjorie Taylor Greene Does Everything But Spews Pea Soup In Public

The soft fluffy snow this week–over 8 inches–made for a most perfect Wisconsin winter scene. But if one turns to the headlines in the newspapers and on the evening broadcasts the pleasant mood is soon cast aside for reports of ‘Jewish space lasers’ and rewarding a president who undertook sedition to remain in office. I am not sure how massive of a blizzard would be required to place our attention, again, on winter landscapes.

At the center of why many people are rightly troubled is that in the face of members of Congress having their lives threatened from the attempted coup on January 6th, many Republicans are trying to have the lead instigator brought back into the fold for the midterm elections. Following the scenes as members of Congress huddled and crouched down for their safety about a month ago, a few truly disturbed (and disturbing) members want to carry concealed guns onto the floor of the House. on of these gun-toters made recorded personal threats about Democratic elected officials.

I grew up in a home where dad always told his children that at the end of the day all we have is our good name. I have thought about those words this week when learning of the latest outrageous comments from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Clearly, her dad did not stress the same life lessons in Georgia. News reports this week informed us Greene had advocated for the assassination of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, along with former secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. To top it off, for the party who wishes us to think they are always concerned about the ones who carry on the tasks of law enforcement, Greene also called for killing FBI agents.

When I write that I have no words to capture my response, well, in your mind can you offer one that meets the enormity of the lunacy from Greene?

While demonstrating she is too stupid to even be allowed with a blender–let alone a gun–Greene has also made it known she thinks that both the Sandy Hook slaughter of little kids in Connecticut and the murders of high school students in Parkland, Florida were staged. She has doubled down on her views that in our land there is a group, led by the opposition party, that kidnaps, kills, and drinks the blood of children.

But it was not until I had a late breakfast, and while watching the news, that I became aware of her latest conclusion. Greene has now claimed that the Rothschilds, a wealthy Jewish banking family that is popular targets for anti-Semites, were partly responsible for the California wildfires because of some tenuous connection to a satellite that she said was shooting lasers at the forests, setting them ablaze.

Scrambled eggs seemed most appropriate as a meal.

What I find most interesting and also most concerning is the absence of a majority within the GOP–or even anything near it–condemning the rancid, vile, insane, and outright putrid words and thoughts of Greene. In my world either you speak the truth or you have done nothing other than offer tepid support and worse yet, indifference.

When the loudest voice in the Republican House conference should have been standing up and making a moral call about Greene, he instead was kneeling in Florida to Trump. It was not what I would term ‘good optics’ to see Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy get mushy with the insurrectionist while placing Greene on the Education and Labor Committee.

I have lived a few decades–and more to the point paid attention–so when I talk of Congressman Gerald Ford, Robert Michel, or Dick Gephardt who presented the bipartisan maturity of minority leaders in the House it underscores how bereft of leadership the current caucus is with McCarthy. It was painful to watch as he flew to Trump, so to play to an autocrat-wanna-be, rather than deal with the internal fight eating at the soul of his party.

There seems to be a most concerted effort to make Trump center stage for the midterm elections, and McCarthy was clearly embracing such a strategy. The voters, come the midterms, may not be as creatively described as ‘Jewish space lasers’, but as 2020 proved they are accurate when showing their power. As such, Trump may prove to be an albatross to the party of the angry resentment-filled whites.

As for how to deal with Congresswoman Greene, I have an idea. I suspect one can be found in Fascist Brown.