Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Roams Free

Friends from around the nation have contacted me today, and if I were to place their collective messages into one concise sentence which summarizes their mood, it would be as follows.

What in the hell is wrong in Wisconsin?

Today a judge refused prosecutors’ request to issue a new arrest warrant for double-killer Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old vigilante from Illinois. In 2020 Rittenhouse opened fire on protesters Joseph Rosenbaum, and Anthony Huber killing them, and seriously wounded Gaige Grosskreutz with more shooting from an AR-15-style rifle.

He is already out on bail but failed to update his address when he moved out of an apartment in November. For any other person that would amount to a bail violation.

But Rittenhouse is very white.

Keeping in mind that since the killings this school dropout was captured on video at a Wisconsin bar wearing a T-shirt that read “Free as (expletive),” along with drinking and flashing white supremacist signs, so prosecutors asked that his bail be increased by $200,000. He was allowed in the bar to drink as he was with his mother.

(You read that correctly.)

It needs also noting that Rittenhouse was serenaded by five men–at a straight bar, mind you–with a song that has become the anthem for the neo-fascist group The Proud Boys. To any sober-minded person, it is clear that this out-of-control teenager is in need of more firm stipulations for his bail, and the reason they are required is for the sake of society. But the judge refused to act for the safety of the populace.

The father for Huber asked a most lucid question in court today that also was in line with the dialogue I had with friends when commenting on this topic.

“How would you feel if the killer of your son was just able to walk free and make videos in bars and just live it up?”

So here we have a story of a white teenager who drives (or is driven) across state lines and provided an AR 15 style-rifle. Rittenhouse kills two, injures another, and walks past cops while brandishing his weapon. Now his legal team wants to make him out as the victim!

When Rittenhouse undertakes his next criminal act it will be reported that he should have been stopped when the justice system had the chance. Is that not what conservatives always say after horrific acts of violence? I do hope Judge Bruce Schroeder, who ruled in today’s case, will then field the calls from reporters and explain himself.

Meanwhile, we know what the justice system would have done to Rittenhouse if he were Black. Which leads me to ask again on CP just how exactly are white angry males being oppressed like they claim to be?

And so it goes.