Capital Times’ State Debate Started Off My Day!

This is what I first saw in my news feed this morning. Who does not enjoy a headline? The Capital Times’ State Debate continues to be a lively and topical location for readers to get an array of views and opinions.

America Returning To Decency With President Biden

During the past four years, I have presented reasons as to why our nation wanted a less bombastic and far-more stable president. The continual self-created chaos from “the last guy” was designed with only one purpose in mind; to deflect from legal and political troubles. There was a constant stream of headlines and bluster aimed for the mouth-breathers in the nation. So it was truly welcoming to pick up my New York Times today and read the following.

President Biden did not do anything alarming this weekend.

There were exactly eight tweets, each one rooted in what can best be described as reality. There was a visit to spend time with an ailing friend, Bob Dole, the former Republican senator. And there was a stop at church with the grandchildren.

Since Mr. Biden assumed office, the weekends have been portraits of domesticity — MarioKart with the kids at Camp David, bagels in Georgetown and football in Delaware. A Peloton devotee, he hasn’t even played golf. Mr. Biden’s demonstrable uninterest in generating audacious headlines only emphasizes how much the Trump-size hole in Washington has created a sense of free time in all realms of the capital. Psychically, if not literally.

During the “last guy’s” term in office, we watched as decency was abandoned. Not to wax nostalgic, but there is a lesson in knowing my mom, who never thought it proper to curse in the news, would have been completely appalled at what passed for discourse from that White House. She felt a president should serve as a national example. From that type of background came my strong desire to see seasoned, tested, intelligent, and experienced leadership return with the 2020 election.

In just the first weeks of President Biden in the White House, there is a renewed sense of educated reasoning, integrity, and decency and we can say again these traits are a foundation of our national politics.  We again have reason to think anew.

One of the themes I repeatedly alerted my readers to over the past years was the inability, due to the crush of ever-more chaos, to truly dive down and report on the major issues the nation faces.

“As the host of a weekly show, the glaring absence of presidential Twitter scandals means I can plan ahead with the expectation that our plan will actually be implemented,” said Brian Stelter, a former New York Times reporter who hosts “Reliable Sources” on CNN. “Informally, we used to leave a five-minute-size hole in my Sunday show, expecting some sort of big news to break on Saturday night. Now we don’t assume that’s going to happen anymore.”

Other journalists say they welcome the renewed attention on policy.

“A linear policymaking process, it’s still interesting,” Jake Sherman, a veteran of Politico and a founder of Punchbowl News, said of the relative return to normalcy brought by the Biden era. “When you’re confident that a rotating cast of characters is not going to change the course of American government, that’s a comforting thought.”

Voters made it clear they again wanted class, decency, decorum, and dignity to inhabit the White House. It is those character traits that will allow Biden to work with others and make progress for the nation. We know that respect for a president is a most important first step in governing. As such, President Biden is two steps higher than the “other guy”.