Voting Restrictions Are Republican Revenge For Losing White House, Senate Elections

We knew it would come to this. There was no doubt the deep-seated voting conspiracy theories within the Republican Party following the 2020 November election would morph into needless and absurd attempts to curtail the will of the electorate. What the party could not do at the ballot box with their candidates they will try to achieve by manipulating the process of voting going forward.

What needs to be stated at the front end of this post is obvious. Many of the proposed changes by Republicans to how a person can cast a ballot–in those states where far-right elected officials hold sway–are doing so with the full array of data to solidly prove their allegations of fraud are bogus. There is no evidence the GOP can produce to support their partisan and purely deluded allegations. On the flip side, however, there are audits upon more audits to prove fair and process-driven state elections were conducted in the nation.

What galls so many Americans is the refusal of Republicans to agree that in our democracy it means every eligible person has the right to cast a ballot and to do so without being placed in a position where multi-hour lines need to be traversed to do so, or voting in conditions where the health of the citizen is placed in jeopardy. We live in 2021 and with history and common sense as a guide means the GOP should be able to discern the altered needs of voters. This past year many of us actually followed the science and advice from medical professionals and cast ballots from our home. We should not be penalized for being smart and safe.

I am continually amazed at the lengths to which Republicans will go to thwart the political process and game the system so they win elections, not by the strength of their issues, but by the cunning game they play before elections. If not aggressive gerrymandering that has contorted lines for districts that stain credibility they are hatching plans for voting laws that disproportionately affect Black and Latino voters in negative ways.

Oh, Republicans do love their games. After allowing their party to be hijacked and played by Donald Trump they are now so empty of policy ideas with which to broaden their base they instead are going for the dank, dark basement. As such, they are weaponizing Trump’s insane fabrications from last November to justify their actions from coast to coast. Forget about fostering policy ideas akin to how former congressman Jack Kemp once labored! Let’s just make it harder for ‘those people’ to vote.

No one on my side of this issue wants anyone other than eligible citizens to cast a ballot. But that does not mean delivering sealed ballots of people who cannot, or in a pandemic do not want to go to a polling place (that includes my husband and me) changes the validity of my ballot choice. I am truly angered by the notion being promoted by Republicans that a level playing field during elections is a competitive disadvantage for the ones who run weak candidates.

And so it goes.