Mature Leadership As President Biden Speaks To Nation

It was a scene this nation has not witnessed for over four years. A respectful, reasoned, mature, factual, and empathic speech from the White House by a sitting president.

Thursday night President Biden addressed the nation on the path forward as we work to combat COVID-19. After a tragic year of willful ignorance and bizarre behavior from “the last one” it was a natural reaction to do a hand-clap in our living rooms, and yes, even wipe away a tear. It was that meaningful to this nation to again have back in the White House what we know was lost following 2016.

When Biden concluded by asking for the troops to be safe, and walked away from the podium, we could say with confidence that our nation is in good, solid, and caring hands.

I admired his touchstones to our history by asking for help from the American citizenry. That was a humble and so natural fit for this man who has always been one of us. He does not need to pretend to feel for families who have lost jobs, or loved ones. He need not conjure up the ‘right words’ as he has from the start the right attitude and heart.

He alerted the nation that with our united efforts there was a time, not so far from now, when something closer to normal personal interactions can again be had. He set out ways we all can engage in the process of that achievable outcome, such as getting vaccinated and putting on a mask. He also asked for common decency and simply being be nice to each other.

I always applaud honest facts when presented, and Biden did that by stating virus variants must be taken seriously, and safeguards must be practiced by the nation. All agree with him that we do not want shutdowns to again be needed, but in that mature style of leveling with the public, he alerted us to what can happen if we fail at working for the common good.

The refreshing calm demonstrated by Biden and his steady and reassuring hands on the levers of power will go a long way in helping this nation regain much of what we lost. With empathy and science wrapped with respect to his fellow Americans, we all can rest so much better tonight.

And so it goes.