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Blacks Get Smeared By Ron Johnson, Even Though White Males Attacked Nation’s Capitol

March 16, 2021

Over the past year, much attention has been given to the term systemic racism. Some older people who read articles on my social media sites have expressed difficulty in understanding what it means, and when explained, argue that it does not exist. During the past week anyone with a pulse is very aware of what systemic racism looks like, sounds like, and how it feels when making continuous headlines.

Senator Ron Johnson may not be overly concerned with funding education programs in the country, but recently he has been a public instructor about systemic racism. Though he denies having a clue about what the rest of us are talking about.

Speaking of the Trump Terrorists who raged for hours as the Electoral college votes were being counted on January 6th Johnson said, “I knew those are people that love this country, that truly respects law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law, so I wasn’t concerned.”

Had Johnson just stopped talking at that point in the interview he still would have needed to feel the heat for his betrayal of law enforcement. But there was more this conservative wanted to say.

“Now, had the tables been turned — now, Joe, this will get me in trouble — had the tables been turned and President Trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters, I might have been a little concerned,” Johnson said.

Even though angry white males were the ones, in the many thousands, who stormed the capitol, broke doors and windows, looted, killed, and injured people we hear Johnson moving the narrative to his racist foundation. He invokes Black people so to create an image and draw on the historic fear factor that was generated by his type going back to the slaveholders who were concerned about insurrections from ‘their property’. There was absolutely no rational need for Johnson to head down the racist road. A road he happily took, and re-walks again and again over the past days.

It comes so easy for Johnson to let it flow from his mouth. And his words landed without dismay among too many who hear it as they are not even able to discern the dog whistles anymore. The degree to which systemic racism exists is so ubiquitous that it hardly registers for a large segment of the conservatives in this land.

Today the most currently headlined idiot of the senate wrote a bizarre Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal—which is one of the most widely read newspapers in the nation. That needs to be noted as Johnson’s missive is titled “I Won’t Be Silenced By The Left”. Irony is not his friend.

What I am most concerned with regarding his words is how he demeans Black communities on the one hand and fails to see how the types of actions and words he uses in 2021—the same types used for hundreds of years with the same purpose–is part of the reason for the large social inequities today. I reject his notion that protests around the deaths of Black people in 2020 were inherently violent. Perhaps if one watched only FOX News, where palm trees were shown at the time of the Wisconsin statehouse protests over union rights in 2011, there would be a gross misunderstanding of the facts about the vastly peaceful protests by millions of marchers last year. Should we assume Johnson needs to better understand how to use a remote control so to be better educated on current events? (Maybe Mrs. Johnson, who has the money, could hire a tutor?)

If Senator Johnson had stepped out of his white privilege for an afternoon last year and joined with other Americans in solidarity with the need to adjust police tactics he might have been alerted to the reality of what the protests were actually like. Those who hijacked the events late at night and undermined the intentions of the peaceful protestors should not be conflated simply because of their skin color.

That would be as wrong as linking Ron Johnson with Jeffrey Keith Skilling simply because they are both white businessmen.

See, Ron, how that feels?

No one has ever claimed, and I do not mean this to sound snarky, that Johnson is overly intelligent. He has always been an embarrassment to Wisconsin. Since he did not seem, however, to be mean-spirited, but rather just always wanting to look like he fit in with the big kids in the senate, akin to wearing his dad’s suit in a bid for maturity, we let it pass. But now his vile racism can not be pushed aside. We can not allow his low standards to reflect on our entire state.

We have to stand up and call his racism out for what we all know it to be.


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