Deadly Hate Crimes Against Asians, But Killer Had “Really Bad Day”

When it comes to absurd statements from this week, even after putting Senator Ron Johnson into the mix, the most troubling will be the statement from Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. Following the Atlanta murders of eight people, six of them Asians in a triple location shooting spree, he made the following statement.

“He was pretty much fed up and kind of at the end of his rope and yesterday was a really bad day for him. And this is what he did.”

Robert Aaron Long’s decision to kill eight people in a strange and brutal manner followed up on his “really bad day”. Well, gosh, imagine how rough his day would have been had he been shot in the back 14 times by law enforcement?

Oh, but wait…..Long is white.

So here we have, once again, an angry white male with easy access to a deadly gun, plenty of ammunition, and clearly a schizoid personality who can have his horrendous crimes summed up neatly. The guy was just fed up, at the end of his rope. The poor misunderstood young man just snapped and killed eight people. He really had, after all, a raunchy day!

Can anyone be serious with such a ludicrous, morally offensive statement from law enforcement that is so absolutely devoid of common sense and empathy for perhaps…..let me think….THE EIGHT DEAD VICTIMS?

Perhaps the stellar team of law enforcement in Cherokee County will also allow Long–that frazzled guy who had a bummer of a day–to set his own criminal charges, too. After all, he claims the slaughter was not racially motivated. Certainly, the police should believe him, since they have such insight into the mind and workings of this guy who had a crummy day.

(If I cursed on my blog this is where it would be written….and in CAPS!)

And so it goes.