Another Quarantine Cure Via Yorba Linda, California

As many of us continue to follow the professional medical advice to prevent the spread of COVID–and now the variants–I keep seeking out new ways to explore the world from home. If one has many curiosities about life this pandemic was certainly not a reason for boredom. While it may have created many consequences, producing boredom in our home is not one of them. James and I picked great quarantine partners and this type of ‘trip’ is proof of what can be enjoyed on the information highway.

Knowing that the pandemic would prevent access to tours of President Nixon’s white farmhouse birthplace, which needs noting is a National Historic Landmark and the Nixon Library’s crown jewel, has now turned into a 360-degree virtual online experience. Now you, too, can look into the Nixons’ living room and peek through the family’s kitchen.

We all must remain vigilant as we await the vaccinations.