Katherine Graham, Finally

On Friday night I started a book that has been on my reading list for years. As I love books about newspapers and history this one has many varying aspects in which I am most interested. (The tidbits about Alice Roosevelt Longworth are already being offered…and I adore her!) Throw in a strong, smart, and determined newspaperwoman who we all ‘knew’ over the years and it has been a great choice for a read.

I am a bit surprised how emotionally removed Katherine Graham’s mother was from the child-rearing part of life, and how her dad, in his own way, was much the same. It struck me how, as a teenager, she needed to find her own answers about a host of things. Plenty of family money, but not lots of family. It almost hurts at times with certain paragraphs.

I am to the part of the book where the family has bought the Washington Post. (Let the intrigue begin!)

Here is the awkward child who grew up amid material wealth and emotional isolation; the young bride who watched her brilliant, charismatic husband—a confidant to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson—plunge into the mental illness that would culminate in his suicide. And here is the widow who shook off her grief and insecurity to take on a president and a pressman’s union as she entered the profane boys’ club of the newspaper business.