Documentarian Stephanie Manesis Gets Grant To Further Film Project, Guest On Doty Land

Good news was received today upon learning Stephanie Manesis has been the beneficiary of a $2,050 grant to further her film about compassion on the battlefield. The filmmaker has been working on the project for a few years, having raised over $6,000 for the effort.

Manesis was awarded the grant by The Arts Partnership in Fargo, North Dakota. With the work well underway she has now hired a scriptwriter from Fargo (who has won Emmys) and a story consultant from Los Angeles who will consult about the project.

There is a real delight in hearing this news as Manesis was featured on a Doty Land podcast.

She has culled through many hours of footage from interviews and reduced that amount down to 5 and a half hours from which a script and a 26-minute documentary will be produced.

The Arts Partnership was able to help fund 10 local artists who received funds to record music videos and podcasts, explore the fringes of photography, deck out home studios, and further their artistic careers. Totaling $20,500, the grants were made possible by privately raised dollars, as well as the Erin Coffer Memorial Fund and donations by the Moorhead PEO Chapters.

Older Conservatives Mimic Words

Have you noticed that a certain type of older conservative person is now more often saying “woke’ and “cancel culture”? It just seems most odd as it does not mesh with everything else about them.

They wish to sound ‘contemporary’, but it makes for an unusual juxtaposition as they are also seeking out the early-bird special. At the same time we see and hear this oddity, we just know they are watching Lawrence Welk on PBS each Saturday evening.

When kids they were certainly repeating the new curse word learned at home, and later with Rush Limbaugh those types were saying “ditto-head” over and over in the workplace. Now they are so pleased with themselves for appropriating the Black vernacular with “woke”.

In 2017 the word “woke” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and was defined as “being ‘aware’ or ‘well-informed’ in a political or cultural sense”. But conservatives have picked up the term so to be scornful and dismissive of what they otherwise do not understand.

A Black facebook friend commented to me recently that he laughs at white Republicans who use African-American language, adding he just knows that within a couple sentences after using “woke; they are also using “darkie”. He added that the right has added “woke” to their growing list of dog whistles. Or as I say bull-horns, as conservatives rarely even try to conceal their bigotry anymore.

Since James studied linguistics, languages, and was a college professor the history and usage of words often have much interest in our home. Those who have studied “woke” place its first well-publicized use to 1962. What is humorous, then, about the old white folks using the word in 2021 is that it only elicits a smirk or an eye-roll from listeners. Conservatives, after all, have no actual knowledge of where “woke” started to be used, and have no interest in socio-political awareness. They can only mimic.