Dose Of Common Sense

This is why the GOP ‘demand’ that our ‘normal routines’ open up fully now is a bad idea. The reason I post is due to the continued and ridiculous notion that a sizable segment have about resistance to the vaccines. Vaccines, I needlessly have to add, which are aimed at stopping a pandemic!

Try and wrap your thinking around the absurdity unveiled in the latest polling data.

  • One in five (19%) Americans continue to say they are not at all likely to get the vaccine. This figure has barely budged since the beginning of 2021.
  • Republicans (31%) and those with a high school education or less (28%) remain most resistant to the vaccine.
  • Only half (52%) of parents currently say they are likely to have their child get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available to their age group.

Just half of U.S. parents plan to get their children vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as they can, and 48% said they wouldn’t.

It does concern me that Republicans surveyed were most resistant to vaccinating their children. It is insulting to our intelligence to read such polling results. It does, however, underscore what we know about that demographic.

I grew up with WWII-era parents and can speak to the support they gave to the medical and scientific advances then underway to stop or curtail the deadly diseases they knew too often to wreak havoc. As such, I was always marched off to get the next needed vaccination. I suspect a large swath of my readers can say the same about their parents.

Pollster Chris Jackson, senior vice president for Ipsos Public Affairs, said if enough parents remain reluctant over time about their children getting shots, that could spell “the end of the easy part of the vaccination story.”

Education matters, and once again we have proof of that fact.