Mass Shooting In Indianapolis Makes This Another Normal, Typical American Day, Thanks To The NRA

It is early Friday morning…..not yet 3 A.M. when I write this post.  There has been another horrific and senseless mass shooting. A gunman killed eight people and injured at least four others Thursday before killing himself at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. The New York Times reported a person who saw “a man with a submachine gun of some sort, an automatic rifle, and he was firing in the open.”

The headlines about mass shootings in America take place so often that they start to blend together. They start to lose their shocking and breathtaking impact as we know this is just another normal and typical day. That is due to our nation placing the selfish needs of those who hold onto their weapons with a fetish quality as being more important than the lives and safety of the vast majority of the nation.

We have every reason to be angry this morning upon hearing the news of the latest mass shooting. But the NRA has bought Congress and our anger will not stand in the way of the dollars to be made for the gun industry. Republicans are never going to allow for the passage of bills to curtail gun violence.

But we know what is happening to our nation. Bullet by bullet, victim by victim, we know. Our gun culture is producing grave–quite literally–consequences for the nation. I have two points to make about our culture.

First, consider a trend I have noticed for many years where on Christmas Day men will post their new semiautomatic weapons on social media–as if Santa is no more than an NRA delivery service.  It is far beyond gross.  Guns have become a fetish for men who need some external means to enhance their image of being masculine.  So the Republicans are correct, in some regards, when they claim that mental health is a part of the problem with gun violence in our nation.

Second, consider my love for fast cars with the ‘need’ for an AR-15.  When creating my MINI convertible for manufacture in Britain I could have opted for the top-end engine model which would have almost lifted the tar off the roads. But there is no place for driving in such a fashion so I allowed reality to make the decision.  Just as there is no sensible reason for owning a car with power not really needed or able to be used, one can then relate it to a gun, such as an AR-15, where its usefulness in the real world is nill.

Meanwhile this morning eight victims were pronounced dead at the scene of the latest mass shooting. Four people were transferred to area hospitals, including one person in critical condition. 

And the NRA will twist whatever they can get their hands on to prevent any GOP Senator from urging for anything more than thoughts and prayers for the gun victims.