Andrew Yang As Next New York City Mayor?

During 2019 and into the presidential primary season for the Democratic Party nomination I was struck, again and again, how many people were drawn towards the message of Andrew Yang. His message, which at times was not of the consultant-driven type one hears from a candidate for high office, resonated with many diverse friends on my Facebook feed. It was the first indication that he had that special quality that is a necessity in politics.

He spoke with facts, good grammar, and came across as a serious and intelligent candidate.

People listened to what he said and paid attention over the months of his race. It was more than just a new face on the debate stage, or that he was viewed as an outsider, which for some voters is an appealing touch. Rather, it was about how he framed issues and did not step out of his ‘lane’ in order to adopt the rhetoric of others in the race just to gain traction.

It is that steadfastness to his view of economics and the big issues driving our times that has him now the ‘talk of the town’. If you can call New York City a town.

Yang’s drive to be the next mayor of that essential American City is catching lots of attention as the remarkably diverse, boisterous, and power-laden environment will soon elect a new leader.

With his winning personality able to open doors for him, and his desire to impact racism, climate change, and address the poverty of those at the lowest economic rung means he now has a real chance at an election victory. The presidential race was never his to have, but it did allow him to be known and market his message.

A message, which many voters have embraced.

And so it goes.