Trump Personality Cult Bad For America: Editorial Cartoons Make The Case

The ‘Big Lie’ is having a corrosive effect on American democracy. There was no stolen election in November 2020. But there was an assault on our nation’s Capitol due to Donald Trump and his base of rabid supporters who are divorced from basic education, reason, and the laws of the nation.

The desire by Donald Trump and his base to still work feverishly to promote the lie about the election is undermining democracy. But Trump doesn’t care, after all, his entrance onto the political stage was never about the needs of the nation.

Those who now stand up in the Republican Party and speak out for the democratic ideals of the nation, let alone expressing disgust with what the entire nation saw with their own eyes on January 6th are facing all-out retribution. Republicans who speak out on the assault on our democracy, either from Trump’s autocratic moves, or the deadly and vile attack in Washington are being met with the consequences of allowing a personality cult to be developed in the GOP.

Republicans allowed their party to be hijacked by Trump in 2016, though the outrageous behavior started with conservatives falling for Trump’s birtherism lies years prior. When the party allowed itself to be neutered by a con artist, failed businessman, and self-admitted sexual predator many questioned how long it would take for the mature ones of the party to again restore order.

While some Republicans expressed with strong words and actions their disdain of Trump the majority of the party still kneel and grovel at his feet. If you ever wondered how dictators and tyrants of WWII came to power it is instructive to watch Trump and his sycophants as part of the answer.

Newspaper editorial cartoonists have given their skills with pens and markers to create powerful statements and arguments as to why the nation needs to be very mindful of what is taking place with this issue.