Mass Shootings Did Not Take Mother’s Day Break, Seven Dead In Colorado

Yes, it was Mother’s Day. But it was also another day in America where we allowed the gun lobby to have its way. As such, there was a mass shooting, a violent gun crime where 4 or more people are shot, not including the shooter.

The mass shooting took place with seven people dead from a gun. This time it was in Colorado Springs. It needs to be noted that this was the 12th mass shooting in the past week.

The others occurred in Detroit, Chicago, Phoenix, Oakland, St. Louis, Compton, Milwaukee, Saginaw, MI, Paterson, NJ, Gwynn Oak, MD, Colorado Springs, Citrus Heights, CA

For those keeping a record the Sunday slaughter was the 192nd mass shooting of 2021. And just to add more context to the numbers this is only the 129th day of the year.

One of my Facebook commenters noted that the death of six people and also the gunman gets hardly a mention on the news whereas years ago this would have been a HUGE story. But today—-just another day in the USA.

I can’t wrap my head around the fact more Republicans do not find these shootings most maddening. The lack of concern among conservatives, in and of itself, is alarming. Rather the ‘thoughts and prayers’ from that crowd are simply grotesque. The callousness that’s been on display from Republicans regarding guns remains one of the most staggering episodes of recent times.

And so it goes.