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Remembering Mom, Geneva Schwarz, On Mother’s Day

May 9, 2021

Remembering Mom today (though we never forget) as Mother’s Day dawns sunny and pleasantly warm. This year I post a photo as she played the part of Meriwether Lewis to Dad’s role as William Clark. Given what it took to get them into the canoe I am not so sure they would have ever discovered the Pacific Ocean. But mom does look determined to make it to the other shore of the river.

I also add my favorite picture of Geneva with her cup of coffee. Mom loved her coffee, and better yet, the conversations that flowed as people gathered around to chat. Many a Sunday after dinner dad would leave the table to watch 60 Minutes, while mom poured the two of us another cup of coffee as the conversation continued at the table. The home kitchen was where countless cups of coffee were poured and seemingly endless back-and-forth about every topic under the sun.

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