Madison Newscast Lifts Spirits After Long Pandemic, Sena Amoah Made For Smiles

The newscast on Thursday evening from a Madison television station landed exactly where we needed it most. With smiles on our faces. After a very long year of pandemic news, deaths, and stresses on our economy and communities, it was tonic for the soul to see young people and teenagers getting their vaccinations.

WISC-TV had a Vaccine Day clinic at their studio parking lot and reported the bulk of the evening news from that site. With truly upbeat reporting the images of the young arms being injected and the enthusiastic and reasoned comments from the young folks alerted me, again, why there is reason to have faith in our future generation.

After hearing some adults over the past weeks toss around all sorts of reasons why they would not get a shot there was reason to thrill at seeing kids line up with eagerness to get their lives back to normal. One 12-year-old girl, Sena Amoah, when asked what she was going to do once fully vaccinated responded by saying she wanted to hold either a Pfizer Frenzy, or Moderna Madness Party. You just want to be the one to supply the balloons or ice-cream given her spirit and genuine nature. (We really should find a way to make her party a reality!)

I want to thank the news operation of Channel 3 for not only reporting the news from the studio location, but with equal ‘in the moment feeling’ from a county park and also in Sun Prairie. We have been through so much sadness and angst over the past many months that it was truly uplifting to have these news developments reported with a lighter tone and viewed from the perspective of the young folks.

This was a good day, indeed.

Thanks WISC-TV.

Liz Cheney Editorial Cartoons

It is only natural that we stand with Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney. That is what folks like you and me do as we defend our democracy against the enemies of free and fair elections. It matters not that she is a conservative or I a liberal. At the end of the day, those who understand the grand narrative of our nation, the idea of what started this nation, and the foundations of the republic itself make us as one when confronted with villainy.

What we witnessed with the lies and undermining of the election results from Donald Trump and his sycophants last fall, and the deadly insurrection of our national Capitol in January alerts us to the dangers pressed upon us from those adhering to illiberal democratic desires. We have seen the lengths to which corrupt people will go to further their aims.

This week before the Republican caucus Cheney closed her remarks by reminding her fellow members that regardless of party label the oath they swore when they took office requires that “we love our country so much” that “we will stand above politics to defend her. That we will do everything in our power to protect our Constitution and our freedom that has been paid for by the blood of so many. . . That is our duty.”

And then the conservatives and Trump boot-lickers removed her from party leadership. In so doing they defined themselves. It was not an outcome that anyone who has studied our founding principles can find any pleasure within.