Madison’s B.B. Clarke Park Mowing Draws Attention

UPDATE. I can report that the city re-mowed the B.B. Clarke Park this morning at about 9 AM, and it now looks fantastic.  Thanks to Alderman Brian Benford and the Mayor’s office for responding to this neighborhood issue.  This park is a gem and with the vaccines doing their work (!) it means this place will again be filled with young and old alike.  It should always have a welcoming feel and look for those who swim or just read a book in the shade.


I must write and express displeasure with what was witnessed following a mowing of B.B. Clarke Beach.  When taking these photos a young graduate-age couple with a picnic, along with two older women seated on a bench dedicated to Henry Dudek, weighed in with agreement about this issue.  One older woman told me “we were just talking about this.”  

As well they might considering how it looks.

In years past, I have known a city employee with an actual standard mower to clean up the parts of the park following the larger mowing machine.  Having said that, however, the person using the large mower did not even seem to try to complete the job. 

On my Facebook page a reader commented on this matter, underscoring how other cities work to make their parks looks grand. .

Yesterday in Sun Prairie where I live the park was getting mowed as I was walking my dogs. One of the employees was doing the large areas, another around trees with a push mower and still another (first day young employee) was hand trimming. I’ll also add the new young man was pleasant, acknowledged us and appeared to be pleased with his work! 

Given the pitch/slant of the land not being different in the unmowed and sloppy portions, in relation to the properly mowed portions, requires our attention. This sloppy look is not part of the ‘no-mow-policy’ but rather like someone closed their eyes for part of the job. 

This park is a sweet part of our community, and folks take pride in it.  I can state the park use from 2007 until the pandemic increased year to year. This gem is becoming better known. We take pride in our park, and I wish the city employees felt the same about B.B. Clarke Beach.