Republicans Continue To Drift From Reality

Republicans today are again showing why they are not able to gain support from more suburban moms, higher educated voters, and a broader range of independents. After the entire nation watched on January 6th, in real-time, as the dreadful attack on our nation’s Capitol played out, the power brokers of that party are acting as if they have no concerns about the foundations of our democracy.

Wednesday Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, spoke out that he is now also opposed to the 9/11-style commission that would probe the deadly riot and insurrection. He joined up with his kindred spirit, the other minority leader of the lower chamber, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, in lambasting an investigation into the upheaval that forced both houses of congress to suspend the counting of the Electoral Collège votes.

What we are witnessing today is but the latest absurdity from the GOP.

As of late, such as with transgender athletes, the Republican strategy is to make every issue into a culture war topic. By doing such things the GOP then not need to govern and act like adults with actual policy needs for the nation. As we have seen they have Donald Trump who is, without doubt, their perfect culture war messenger.

But look what has now become of the Republican Party as a result. In 2016 they won the Oval Office and both houses of congress. Today they are looking in from the outside while yelping as all three prizes were lost due to the one they fawn over. But they do have the topic of Dr. Seuss to attack…so…..they have that.

There is absolutely no voice in that party that has the ability to rise above the bombast. While Congresswoman Liz Cheney is to applauded, let us be honest that she is mighty lonely in her principled stand for the national interests. It speaks volumes about the conservative movement when she is not supported by a bevy of heavy-hitters within the party.

Instead, we watch and read every day how Republicans will say and do absolutely anything with no regard for facts or even reality. Recall the “Jewish Space Laser”? The conservative base is under-educated so what they hear from Fox News and the GOP they simply swallow and believe.

When it comes to their favorite news outlet we can clearly see how the viewers are presented hourly, night after night, with the latest issues they are to first fear, and secondly then head to social media so to type their latest ridiculousness.

Meanwhile, the rest of the nation is grounded on the shores of sanity. And waiting for some semblance and maturity in the Republican Party so as to aid in governing the nation.

And so it goes.