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Second Pfizer Shot Completed, Please Do The Same

May 22, 2021

James and I received our second vaccination of Pfizer today, and we are delighted! We encourage all of our Facebook friends, and their families to get the vaccine. We do it not only for ourselves but for the rest of the community.

This morning James threw open the blinds in the bedroom windows and proclaimed, “it’s vaccination day!” The sunshine streamed in and my mind went to the morning I threw back the drapes, in like dramatic fashion, on our Alaskan cruise with the mountains of the inner passage filling our view. I was thrilled then, and popped out of bed this morning with the knowledge the last leg of our personal journey with this pandemic was playing out.

But it needs to be put into words why we are at this moment.

The men and women who have used their abilities, skills, education, and professional positions to study the virus, craft a vaccine, manufacture and distribute it, along with the nurses and ‘needle-pushers’ must be THANKED! They all have made a profound change to not only individuals, but the nation as a whole.

So for us in Madison, it was seen as a huge victory that has been scored and all we needed to do was shower, pour the coffee, and get to the clinic.

Six weeks ago James bought a shirt that I did not see until I was ready to dress today. It was the Vaccine shirt.…and I love it. Color is what I embrace and this was perfect!

Our lives will soon start to resemble some parts of the norm, but it will be based on those who are also vaccinated. In groups and stores, we will wear a mask!

If you have not yet received your vaccine make it your mission to do so tomorrow.

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