Gun Violence Out Of Control, Gun Purchasing At Record Levels

I am not sure how many more ways there are to present the logical need for gun control legislation in our nation. I have done my part to persuade and inform on the topic. In fact, there is no other single issue that has been posted about more often on this blog than gun control. Emotion and common-sense have been used for decades throughout the nation to sway the citizenry, and yet the carnage from gun violence continues.

This is the 153rd day of the year and thus far there have been 18,282 US residents who have been killed by a gun. Breaking that down it includes 10,098 suicides. Also, let us not forget to add in the 15,568 other people who were wounded by guns.

We know that during this past three-day Memorial Day weekend, there were eight mass shootings in our nation. In that short span of time, we lost seven people and had another 48 wounded. In the past 153 days, we have had 243 mass shootings resulting in 275 deaths and 1,001 injuries.

There are many ways to view the alarming data, but what stood out to me this past week was the news that 20% of firearm purchases in 2020 were by first-time buyers. How should we view the reason for such an upswing in otherwise somewhat normal people now needing to be armed with a deadly weapon?

For many, it comes down to having an outlandish ignorance surrounding our national politics. No one is going to be limiting the right to own guns. My God, only look at the lock-grip the NRA has on Congress! To truly think that any meaningful gun control legislation will pass is simply not applying simple logic to politics.

But there is also racism that is at the root of irrational fear among a certain demographic which reacts when social movements demand change. That was certainly the case when Black Americans stood up and demanded that police procedures change so as not to end in so many shootings. Insecure whites felt they then needed a gun.

But they were not alone.

While the data shows that half of those new gun owners were women, it also was reported that a fifth were Hispanics, and a fifth was bought by Blacks.

The data gets grimmer, however when we look at the start of this year.

The National Sports Shooting Foundation says that nearly 5.5 million guns were sold in U.S. in the first three months of 2021. That was up 13% from the year-ago quarter. It’s also the most guns sold in any three-month period since 1999,

What this shows is that we have a gun fetishism in this country. It is real. It is nasty.

And it is out of control.