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My Open Letter To WI Rep. Shae Sortwell Comparing Masks To Nazis

June 8, 2021

A Wisconsin state lawmaker compared a nonprofit children’s museum’s mask policy to the Nazi Party in a social media post that is generating outrage and calls for an apology.

Republican Assemblyman Shae Sortwell shared a Facebook post on Friday by the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum in Stevens Point detailing its mask policy. The museum said masks would be optional for those who show their vaccination cards and masks would be mandatory for everyone else over age 5.

Sortwell posted on Facebook that “The Gestapo wants to see your papers, please,” a reference to the feared secret police of Nazi Germany. The story was first reported Tuesday by Wisconsin Public Radio.

This absurdity required me to write a fast note to the assemblyman.

Representative Shae Sortwell,

What a dreadful education you received, as your recent actions prove your inability to cite history in proper usage. There is no factual or moral comparison between mask-wearing so to limit a pandemic and the slaughter and violence from the Nazi regime. Clearly, you did not have a close family member who served in that war who then was able to talk about the horrors of Hitler and his party.

As one with four decades of studying and researching history I find my feelings about your comment are filled more with embarrassment for you than anything else. You have failed your parents and grandparents who would have known and appreciated the grave consequences of the Nazis. You have sought to distort history for partisan (whatever), and in so doing allowed us to see the lack of character within the modern Republican Party.

I ask that you seek some education concerning matters that you clearly know nothing.


Gregory Humphrey

Caffeinated Politics.

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