Mrs. Ron Johnson’s Main Embarrassment Is Her Clown Of A Husband

It takes a special kind of stupid to get kicked off YouTube for a week. But conservative wingnut Ron Johnson achieved that notoriety today.

YouTube suspended the most embarrassing politician from Wisconsin, since Joe McCarthy, from posting videos on the platform for one week over his remarks touting unproven treatments for COVID-19. That he is severely stupid is not a revelation, but placing the health and well-being of people in danger due to that stupidity must be stopped.

The reason for the smackdown was that Johnson did not even come close to abiding with policies not to promote misinformation about COVID-19. What Mrs. Ron Johnson’s main embarrassment did was promote experimental treatments for COVID-19 like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. To be clear, such ‘treatments’ are a joke, and worse yet, dangerous.

The Johnson video that was taken down showed the uneducated rube launching into the Biden administration over its response to the pandemic and then touting the two unproven, and potentially dangerous drugs.

Cutting to the core on this matter is if the American voters won’t deal with the corrupt and willfully misleading politicians like Johnson, then social media platforms have to do it. This is a most classic example. Protecting the health of the citizenry from the Trump cult, which Johnson proves to be a leading sycophant within, requires much stronger actions by the likes of YouTube.

I applaud the decision.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ron Johnson is needing to hide her shame in public, once again, due to her idiot clown of a husband. One does have to wonder and ask if her parents warned, prior to the wedding day, about what she was doing?