Total Investigation, For Love Of Nation, Required Of January 6th Insurrection On Capitol

It is beyond absurd and hypocritical for Republicans to now bemoan and kvetch about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi creating a January 6th select committee to investigate the insurrection which struck at the heart of our democracy. After turning tail and running away from their responsibilities to burrow down to the facts about the attempted coup of our government, Republicans now are complaining about those who are taking the forward movement this nation requires.

The 30-some House Republicans, who took their official duties seriously enough earlier this year when supporting a bipartisan commission, should be applauded. They were the brave ones in their party.

But is that not sad?

Only 30-some Republicans stood tall, when at stake for all the nation is knowing the full weight of what happened when an attack on the Capitol by a Trump-supporting mob, incited to violence by the “big lie” that Trump had lost the election, killed police officers and injured so many others. Why are so many Republicans dodging the need for this nation to grasp the full impact of the security and intelligence failures that led up to the disaster?

Over the past decades, Republicans have rightfully been concerned, as have the Democrats, about terrorism that has jarred our nation, and places around the globe. But one has to ask what in the blazes is wrong with the modern Republican Party when they blanch at taking a solid investigation of domestic terrorists who launched a horrendous attack on our nation’s Capitol?

Are not Republicans able to grasp a branch of the federal government has not been so seriously threatened since 9/11? Why can they not gather up enough steam and anger to wade into the harmful elements within this nation with the same speed and zeal they had for invading Iraq? (Iraq, as we know had nothing to do with 9/11.)

How Republicans can be so timid given their place of work was overtaken by a ruthless and barbaric group of Americans, and not care if the mob was following a preconceived plan, is stupefying.

Republicans have shown their true colors. From across the spectrum, they have unleashed all sorts of bile about the investigation, and the need for a commission to sort through the evidence. In so doing, they clearly demonstrate that fealty to Donald Trump is more important to them than the love of the nation.

Meanwhile, Democrats will plow ahead with the investigation the nation wants, and more importantly, requires.

Democracy deserves the truth.

And so it goes.