Anti-Gay Policy By Autocrat Causes International Outrage

Whenever Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Mihály Orbán is mentioned on this blog it is in a negative way. The reason being there is no positive manner in which to write about an autocrat.

With his blessing and strong support, Hungary passed a bill that banned the distribution of material in schools deemed to promote homosexuality or gender change. Orbán has long played this type of card as an advocate of traditional Catholic values. Anything that smacks of liberal democracy gets tarred by him as a dangerous undermining of values. One could only wish he would be so concerned with the free press, independent judiciary, and process of open government.

He claimed that the law was aimed at giving parents the exclusive right to decide about their children’s sexual education. And we all know the success that parents worldwide have with sex education within their homes! One of the running themes on this blog has been the need to allow young people to recognize that their sexuality is fine to embrace, and with adults taking that perspective, youth suicide among that demographic can be reduced.

This law has created a major issue among the European Union leaders. Rightfully, they are defending gay rights and piling pressure upon Budapest to step back. Part of their anger comes from Orbán equating homosexuality and sex changes to being akin to pornography. The absurdity speaks for itself.

This is not even close to the first time that Orbán has spit on democratic values. But the level of blowback is increasing concerning his homophobic moves.

Members of the European Parliament are calling for this law, which is to go into effect this week, to be withdrawn and for EU leaders to sanction Budapest.

Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld told the European Parliament: “we can already congratulate Mr Orbán for winning the European championship for the most homophobic law on the continent.”

Flexing political will from the EU is making headlines.

The European parliament has denounced a Hungarian law that bans gay people from appearing in educational materials or on primetime TV as “a clear breach” of its principles of equality.

In a resolution voted in Strasbourg on Thursday by a resounding majority, MEPs condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the Hungarian law as “a clear breach of the EU’s values, principles and law”, while urging the European Commission to launch a fast-track legal case against Viktor Orbán’s government.

Gay people worldwide, and their advocates, need to be engaged in this fight as many of us know full-well the attitudes and dangers felt and experienced in our lives. Progress for rights and changed laws has been a slow and all-uphill trek. While much of the world have enlightened views, or making strides in that direction, we must not forget those who still reside in backward and hostile places.

Such as in Orbán’s Hungary.

And so it goes.