Manzoor Returns For Another Blog Post

I am very delighted to have the opportunity to again blog about a person who continues to make for smiles.

Manzoor, is a friend from Pakistan. He, along with Ferit from Turkey, years back discovered at our dinner table how some of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are served and tasted. They both were in Madison at the time and studying as international students. That meal, and the conversation that evening, is a continuing reason to smile.  

Today I post a video of Meher Zadi, Manzoor’s wife, while in an orchard in Hunza Valley which is laden with summer fruits such and Hunza apricots, different wild berries like feltz, figs, and a variety of Hunza apples. A morning walk to the garden or nearest orchard offers a healthy breakfast with breathtaking views.

Zadi has a web site that deals with cooking in the Hunza Province of Pakistan.