Leaders Lead: Biden Makes That Point While GOP Throws Virus Grenades

Many of us have family or friends who lived during years when some of the diseases and maladies that have been largely removed from our lives, had resulted in deaths and disabilities for them. Polio and tetanus shots are but two miracles of the medical world that make the case for trusting science. They also underscore why it is imperative to have the leadership to move a nation towards what is best for all.

There is a line in a 2010 documentary about polio that showcases the emotional reaction to the news when a working vaccine was announced so to combat that disease’s misery.

“The presentation was numbing, but the results were clear: the vaccine worked. Inside the auditorium, Americans tearfully and joyfully embraced the results. By the time Thomas Francis stepped down from the podium, church bells were ringing across the country, factories were observing moments of silence, synagogues and churches were holding prayer meetings, and parents and teachers were weeping. One shopkeeper painted a sign on his window: Thank you, Dr. Salk. ‘It was as if a war had ended’, one observer recalled.”

I start the post out this way due to what we now witness from too many in the land over the proven effective vaccines to fight COVID. And the ones who, for purely partisan reasons, are working to undermine increased vaccination rates.

We all know someone who refuses to take this vaccine. We have known these types of people all our lives, be it the flu shots or some other vaccine that has proved to be most effective in making for better health. For whatever cockomanny reason we have heard their lingo over the years.

But what we are witnessing now in the land is something much more sinister. Whole blocks of the Republican Party are now taking a most dangerous political stance as they rant against mask mandates and vaccine requirements, trying to equate sound health policy for some big government plan to undo democracy.

If it were not so damaging to the lives of our fellow citizens we could just label it as more of the same from the crowd that brought us Donald Trump. But the exploiting of talking points from the most fringe and bizarre of the conservative base is something that now impacts all our lives. As well as the life of our national economy.

If you listen to the rants from the GOP one might assume that there are no longstanding policy and legal precedents dealing with a list of other such vaccination requirements. But admitting such past policy does exist, and examples that schoolchildren and members of the military abide by, would not aid in their only use of COVID as an issue in this manner. That being, to try to undermine President Biden.

I was most proud of the actions Biden took last week to force the issue of increasing the vaccination rates. I had wished to see boldness in this fashion many weeks ago.

At the same time, we need to face the fact that too many Republican politicians are playing a deadly game. That game is directed to the base of the party that is simply put, pathetically stupid. Note that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or The National Federation of Independent Businesses are not taking to the streets in a lather over Biden’s plans.

The reason is clear.

These are the folks who want to see the economy percolate and gain steam. They know that will not happen if workers are sick, or as the case with millions like James and myself, customers who refuse to go out and spend money until there is a sense of the pandemic having been contained.

Biden has taken the reins and yanked against the recalcitrant Americans who think the tail wags the dog in this nation. It does not. The unvaccinated can whine and bitch about their Free-Dumb, and needlessly take beds from others in ER facilities. They can find their voices amplified on FOX News and AM talk radio.

But the majority of the nation will take our positions behind a mask and our barrier called commonsense. Like the President, we know it is our duty to be vaccinated and care for the greater good.

When leaders lead, as Biden has now done, we all benefit. Even conservative business people as the cash registers again start to clank away with sales from a growing economy filled with more vaccinated customers.

And so it goes.