Would Your Grandparents Believe What Has Happened To America?

Think if it were possible to talk with your grandparents. For many of my readers those loved ones have left us, but consider if we could update them on one of the top news stories this week.

We would tell them the House of Representatives was required to vote in finding Stephen Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress for stonewalling the investigation into a seditious and traitorous attack on the United States Capitol. Which played out on national television. The attack was aimed to undermine the electoral process. Police officers died, scores of others in Blue wounded.

The reason Congress needed to act today was due to Donald Trump, the previous holder of the Oval Office, working to thwart a full investigation into his involvement in the most severe attack on our government since the Civil War.

Sadder still, was the almost purely partisan Congressional vote in pressing Bannon to man-up to his role in undermining our constitutional process of counting the electoral votes.

Yes, we have to wonder what our grandparents would say?

A couple Republican members lifted their votes to the nation on the contempt issue, but it concerns me that once again the bulk of the Republican Party has denied their role in demanding the truth be brought to light about the January 6th attack by Trump’s supporters.

Think about the values our grandparents had over the decades of their lives. I speak in a unified tone about their lives as I do believe basic connections of right and wrong, respect for the law, a moral code, and set of ethics guided them be they from the West or having lived 100 years ago, be they voters of FDR or Alf Landan, Black of white, Catholic or Holy-Roller. You get my point.

They would be shocked at what played out at the Capitol this past January.

In our current climate facts are no longer valued. Constitutional norms are cast aside and besmirched. A president even autographed a Bible, and used another one for a partisan stunt!

I know that in the times my grandparents lived some general themes could be used to define Republicans. They were positioned as the party that could state they had respect for traditional political institutions. With their years of service in wars or sending their sons off to foreign lands, our grandparents likely felt the GOP was also respectful of democratic processes. After all, it was one reason we fought in Europe.

Our grandparents also felt that there should be a degree of decorum in public life. A president and paying a porn star for sex would have no more been aligned in the same sentence for them than thinking we could land a spacecraft on a comet.

Our democratic institutions were under attack on January 6th. To understand fully what happened and who was involved is absolutely imperative to ensure we can reign in this threat to our future.

I am completely certain our grandparents would not only agree with a thorough investigation, but say ‘why have you forgotten the lessons we taught you’?

And so it goes.

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