Normalcy Returning After Pandemic: Family Visit Makes Me So Happy!

This blog has been forthright since early 2020 about the severity of COVID-19, the ways people needed to abide by the professional medical advice so to stem the spread, and then also why it is essential to be vaccinated. I am sure some readers thought I was too strict with harping why quarantining was a proper thing to do, was not aligned with my thinking a slower reopening of businesses in 2020 was warranted, and not grasping science is a good thing to follow.

Since I pushed those views often on CP I wanted, with at least one post, to show life can resume if everyone in a group is vaccinated. I tend to place all of these personal types of posts on my Facebook page, but given how elated I am with this wonderful day, and as a means to show how we can return to normalcy with vaccines, I offer the following.

After a long pandemic seeing these folks again was a tonic for the soul.

Ron, Joe, (me), and Jill are pictured after lunch and laughing. Amy and Marie escaped before I got to the picture part of the afternoon.

When it comes to family and memories and trips all around the tree and back again, this is an excellent group with which to engage.

James made salmon rillettes, cod brandade, broddeto with fish, flourless peanut butter brownie with pear compote. As I said, this gathering was a long time in the making and we wanted it to be memorable.

Joe smiles and has the wit that has been her trademark since I was a boy. She talked about the days when my dad delivered milk.

Ron is a perfect conversationalist and has an understated humor that is perfectly timed. A true gentleman.

Amy and Jill are strong women with a wide background, and Marie brought a wonderful touch of the Upper Peninsula to our afternoon.

I felt today a real sense that normalcy is returning to our lives. And making that happen with family we so very much connect with is grand! I am so happy this afternoon!

If you have not been vaccinated, do it as soon as you read this post. Connect with loved ones and move this country forward.

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