And Away We Go…Caffeinated Politics From Madison Isthmus In 2022

Happy New Year!

The Holidays were a time for relaxation and great food, and though the pandemic demanded vigilance our home was filled with music, books, some Oscar-worthy films such as The Power Of The Dog, and continuous laughter. All those things, including (sadly) the virus, will continue to be with us as we enter the New Year.

Over the past 20 days, the absence of the clacking of the keyboard meant this blog was on a Holiday break. With the start of the New Year that all changes as we head into a hectic pace of mid-term elections, the continuing need to contemplate how we repair our internal political problems so as to be stronger on the global stage, and what to do about a serious shortage of workers that is far more a problem than that which was created by the pandemic.

Among the international stories requiring attention is the serious need to remove Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro from office and watching how much appeal the extreme far-right candidate fares in the French presidential election.

Wisconsin politics will be front and center with a heated governor’s race and the continued threat from illiberal movements within the Republican Party fomenting a disregard for institutional norms and faith in our electoral system. Add in the dysfunctional qualities of Ron Johnson and there is no need to question what will make for headlines this year in the Badger State.

In other words, as we start another year of blogging there is no shortage of topics to engage with and opine about on Caffeinated Politics.

Thanks, as always, to my readers for stopping by this little place on the internet highway. I also can be found on my Caffeinated Politics Facebook Page, my Doty Land podcast, and my self-narrated one-minute history videos on YouTube. There is never a shortage of projects to work on. But that makes life fun.

With that being said…….

(The above album was one I used when broadcasting a Big Band show on WDOR radio and wishing to add some flavor with the comedy of that era. Looks like large doses of humor will be required in the coming year!)

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