Standing With Ukraine On Madison Isthmus

Like millions around the world, I am distressed and utterly dismayed at the looming threat to Ukraine due to the military massing to crush the burgeoning republic. The diplomatic moves are to be applauded, but the results are not yet in evidence as the international news reports continue to prove Russian President Putin is not backing down.

Today in a symbolic act of outrage about the idea of Putin, in any way, thinking it rational to refashion a part of the failed Soviet Union, and threatening the viability of another’s boundary, came my feeble attempt to send a message.

From the Madison isthmus to the folks in Ukraine who surely have a level of stress that we can only begin to imagine comes this video from our home. And just a touch of humor, as Lord knows the world needs it now.

I tested out the firing capabilities of my water gun in preparation for a Russian invasion as the fridged cold takes hold. Russians fight in the cold weather with ease, and as such we are going to be prepared for their onslaught. More hot water, James, I can see their vodka bottles from here!

I am not trying to be light with the issue at hand. So let me be clear as to where I stand.

President Putin has designs on reviving a chapter of history that can not be remade. The old Soviet Union and the forced subjugation of peoples and cultures that had no reason, other than brute force, to be joined together must not be allowed again by the international community.

And so it goes.

4 thoughts on “Standing With Ukraine On Madison Isthmus

      1. In 2014, the US backed a coup that replaced a regime in Ukraine that favored Russia with one that favored US.
        Who will support America in replacing our unrestricted democracy with a limited constitutional republic that does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy?

        1. We have national interests, both with alliances to Europe and also as a world power promoting a governing system that when implemented increases a balance of power. When the international order is broken by a bully history shows a ‘Chamberlain” approach is fraught with peril Add in the economic benefits of opening free markets and it is clear we have vested interests in Ukraine.

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