Republicans Show 1930s German Colors

The era of Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party being ‘a big tent’ for all sorts of Americans is long gone. Now the party is an angry, undignified, idea-free party of angry whites who love to share their grievances. Right after the litany of their health problems has been reported they launch into the latest cultural war issues–which normally includes a Black or a Latino. Oh, yes, and the latest sign of any deviation from following the words and thoughts of Donald Trump must be called out for attention.

To get on the wrong side of the base of the Republican Party these days, or to be verbally assaulted by their leaders, does not require taking a different view on policy. After all, one of the most conservative members of Congress, both in terms of voting on the floor, and espousing views in speeches is about to be considered for jettisoning from ‘the big tent’.

News this week the Republican National Committee will actually debate endorsing the ouster of Congresswoman Liz Cheney is something that prior to Trump would have seemed so implausible that no one would have even dreamed it. But that is now in the offing during the upcoming House GOP conference. It will not be as notable as the Night of the Long Knives from our reading of German history, but the tone will be the same.

The bizarre behavior from the GOP is due to Cheney standing up for a process of sound and fair elections and agreeing with George Washington about the need in a republic for the loser of an election to step aside for the winner. That, however, runs counter to the Big Lie from the party’s Dear Leader.

The continual effort by the GOP to show absolute fealty to Donald Trump above all else showcases more proof that the party is now a cult-worshipping group. They are in line with nations, both current and those relegated to the ashes of history, that imposed often stiff penalties for those who criticized or did not show proper respect for the leader in question.

Donald Trump says bend, and without any spine, the vast majority of the Republican Party simply comply. Slinking and slithering are now so common that the next national GOP convention will save lots of money by not needing chairs for delegates to sit in. Without a backbone, the roll call of the states will be unnecessary as the contest will be over upon Trump announcing his intentions.

This week David Bossie, a close ally of treasonous Trump, has offered the resolution endorsing the removal of the two members of Congress. While the bite of the resolution is most doubtful, it needs noting that events started in Nazi Germany with using the fear factor as a political tool. The next step was a public that could not understand the gravity of the situation unfolding around them.

So it is today in the Republican Party. Agree, abide, or else. Do not be an opponent to the new Dear Leader.

And so it goes.

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