Boris Johnson Nears Meltdown, Will He Comb Hair For His Resignation?

There are those we love to see fail, simply because they are most worthy of public scorn and nasty but justified front-page headlines. Such as this case.

How the British Prime Minster misused his platform over the years to promote Brexit and stir passions about grievances, and in so doing stoked deep divisions in the nation, requires a reckoning. It remains one of the most unnecessary and illogical policy moves in the whole of Europe in my lifetime.

What will bring Johnson down is his lack of character and his sleazy way of conducting this government. During the pandemic he played by two sets of rules and now has moved to embracing conspiracy theories.

This morning Johnson goes to his office after losing four of his most senior aides in the space of a few hours and suffering a humiliating rebuke from his chancellor for propagating a conspiracy theory.

He lost his chief of staff, his director of communications and his parliamentary private secretary. Dan Rosenfield, Jack Doyle and Martin Reynolds all tossed him their resignations Thursday as part of a brutal clear-out of Downing Street staff. But the most significant and damaging loss is that of No. 10 policy chief Munira Mirza, one of the prime minister’s closest allies.

The morning newspapers in Britain are searing. The only other headline to write….and this desk hopes soon…is the resignation of Johnson.

And so it goes.

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