Important Legal Victory Against Gun Manufacturers, Sandy Hook Families Win Against Remington

The tragedy of gun violence looms large in the nation. Real justice for the ones killed and injured in the continuing violence will not occur until there are meaningful gun reform measures enacted into law. That outcome, however, given the number of elected officials who cower to the National Rifle Association, is not going got take place any time soon.

So, the next best avenue is to force change through lawsuits. Today, in one of those cases a bittersweet outcome resulted. A major legal victory was secured, but the families are still missing a kid at the dinner table.

The families of some of the adults and children killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School reached a $73 million settlement with Remington, the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle used in the massacre

The reason this legal fight garnered attention at this blogger’s desk is that the families of these victims of gun violence smashed through a federal law protecting gun companies from litigation. That was no small feat!

It took over seven years but the lawyers never relented in arguing that Remington, the gunmaker for the mass killer at the school where 20 first-graders and six adults lost their lives, violated state consumer law by promoting the AR-15 in a way that appealed to so-called “couch commandoes” and troubled young men. It is the first time a gunmaker accepts liability for U.S. mass shooting.

Today was a solid victory–only one for sure–but a victory regarding what continues to need to happen in courtrooms. Gun manufacturers should not have any special protection so to ward off lawsuits. The correlation between guns and gun violence in this country is irrefutable. Unwinding the illogical thread that the NRA was spun regarding gun manufacturers not being able to be held accountable must end.

Let us be honest about what the maker of the AR-15 has unleashed in the nation.

It’s true you don’t need an AR-15 to shoot people.  The inner-city streets of most cities make that point very clear.  But the AR-15 is, for whatever reason, the murderer weapon of choice for many mass shootings in the United States. Statistics prove that point.

The AR-15’s purpose is clear based on news reports about the sickening built-in efficiency in accomplishing the gunman’s mission of rapidly killing many people.  There is no reason under the sun as to why this weapon is allowed for sale to the general public. 

The AR-15 should be outright banned.  Clearly what is happening now allows for anyone to have an AR-15 as the limited background check does not in any way regulate its sale.  There are no required training classes and no compiling of names of those who own this weapon so law enforcement and the general public can be aware of the nutjobs who are stockpiling weapons and ammo to fire.

After the horror of Sandy Hook ‘I just knew in my soul’ there would be changes to laws and norms regarding our gun culture. After all, how could there not be when so many precious kids were killed in a mass shooting.

The lack of character from our elected officials in not passing gun control measures reflected the rot in our nation. We have a sick gun culture in our nation that would put their weapons above the lives of children. It happens every single day in the country.

Therefore, it is imperative that lawsuits against gun manufacturers keep coming. Making the gun manufacturers bleed green will make them think about how the nation bleeds red from their deadly weapons.

Let’s keep the lawsuits coming.

And so it goes.

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