Trans Children, Their Parents, Face Prosecution In Texas, Governor Abbot Unleashes Hate

Just when you thought you had heard the worst possible ideas imaginable from a Republican officeholder, comes this disgusting news story from Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott officially directed Family Protective Services to investigate all trans children in Texas and prosecute their parents as child abusers. He instructed all teachers, doctors, and caregivers to begin reporting any trans students.

While the state’s child welfare agency has said that it will investigate such claims, some county and district attorneys have stated that they will not enforce the opinion. Be that as it may, the entire nation needs to send a message of pulling conventions and sporting events from a state that has so little regard for human decency or any degree of concern or empathy for trans children.

The loathsome depths that Abott will travel to play to a segment of his ignorant and repugnant base must be addressed by the rest of society who simply can no longer abide by such behavior.

And so it goes.

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