Stopping Putin Will Require Military Might From Europe, United States

From the start of the most recent Russian madness, I have taken a straightforward appraisal of the situation. For many of us, the Eastern European theatre has been long considered a potential tinderbox given Russian President Putin’s makeup and stated desires.

As the Russian military massed along the border I thought an invasion of Ukraine would occur, never thinking it would not. The dance of diplomacy had to be undertaken prior to the start of this phase of the violence, as that is an international nicety.

While I champion diplomacy, one has to keep in mind that there is a stark difference in sitting down with those one has disagreements with while hoping to foster dialogue and a working compromise, as opposed to talking with a madman who is wedded to delusional visions of conquest.

The war in Eastern Ukraine has been ongoing for years. Most of the world did not want to know about it. Thousands died prior to the latest invasion two weeks ago. That is the harsh reality.

So Putin has to be viewed in the totality of his past actions and declared threats for the future. As such, Putin can not reverse course and back down. There is nothing in his history to suggest that is an option for him to take. So the following news snippet this morning from Australia is worthy of posting.

Terry Barnes wrote the following for Spectator Australia.

A retired British general, Sir Chris Deverall, is arguing that a no-fly zone over Ukraine might yet be the only rational choice for NATO. Deverall says NATO will have to fight Vladimir Putin eventually, so should be prepared to do it now. Meanwhile, polling indicates 45 percent of Americans support a no-fly zone, 20 percent are against, and the rest presumably are undecided. Rightly or wrongly, the unthinkable is being thought. Putin’s war could yet become a European war.”

I again echo a theme on this blog that strength is what Putin understands, and weakness is what Putin uses for his own ends. If the world community can not accept that fact then Ukraine is doomed. And Europe is further threatened.

This morning Ukraine President Zelenskyy was termed by a news analysis on television as “Churchhill in the digital age”. With that phrasing comes to mind the weight of leadership that Winston Churchill would remind us of if he were here to gauge the current crisis. History will judge the international community harshly if we do not stand up to this test of our time.

Putin must be stopped.

And so it goes.

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