WIN: Whip Inflation Now

Here is another reason to pay heed to how books are aligned in your home library. Moving them about will perhaps give you an idea for a blog post. (I simply could not allow this space to be taken over today by the slap heard around the globe. Not giving an inch of this blog to drama queens and angry man-boys.)

Putting my White House Press Secretary books in a new order meant I had to move Ron Nesson’s book, It Sure Looks Different From The Inside, and of course, thumbing through it again was warranted. President Gerald Ford, like President Joe Biden today, was dealing with high inflation across the nation.

Ford had a plan to deal with inflation. Whip it.

On page 75 Nesson writes that Ford was earnest bout the WIN program, based on the home-spun notion that the average citizen, in little ways, could help whip inflation.

As I searched for a few photos about WIN on the internet I came across attempts to enlist people at planting a local garden to stave off high food prices. Given the small size of the seed packets, it seemed like terrace gardens were in mind. Back home in Hancock during this time period, like the years before and after, we had a massive garden with at least 40 potato plants each summer, rows of corn, tomato plants galore, and everything else that could grow in soil.

The reason to write this post, other than a trip down memory lane, is to alert us to the road we have traveled many times before, and the fact we made it through. We always do. High gas prices are not a new feature of life, nor the grousing about them.

The pandemic was most unsettling and for far too many deadly. The undermining of our economy from COVID remains staggering. But if we are smart we can traverse around new variants rather than needing to bluntly marshall the populace through them. Vaccines are still the best route to a robust economy.

Thankfully, in the United States, Africa, China, South America, and most of Europe, it can be said that we can be counted as among the fortunate ones. We can all say our homes are not being shelled by Russian invaders.

All of a sudden inflation is not so pressing.

And so it goes.

4 thoughts on “WIN: Whip Inflation Now

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    WIN will forever be an “also-ran” in the mockery department to Obama’s Win The Future.

    IMO, Waushara County is a veritable Alice’s Restaurant: Lake Country in the east, Adams County sand to the west; wicked fertile soil in the latter, and no tipping the tractor.

    Always look forward to seeing the magnificent Hancock Research Station’s Display Garden gaining steam in mid June on our way up to Saxon TWSP/Iron County. Summer tapping the brakes is the wistful flip side on the way back south ’round Labor Day.

    The 2022 iteration of The Gotchberg Organic Gardens began three (3) weeks ago with the Sweet Peppers & Space Hybrid Spinach planted under the lights; all the Spinach & ~ half the Peppers are up. Tomatoes, Butternut Squarsh, and zukes-n-cukes will join them this Saturday.

    Drop seeding (Lettuces, “Joy Choi” Pak Choi, & Daikon Radish) is in the On Deck Circle. Ford (whom Archie Bunker lamented didn’t do so bad for someone nobody voted for) would be proud.

    The Gotch

    1. Do not forget, too, what is termed Plainfield sand (soil) around the world gets the name from Plainfield, about 7 miles north of Hancock.
      The soil dries out so soon after a rain, and farmers have not in too many places allowed for tree rows to be maintained to minimize spring winds from blowing and erosion. My brother worked at the Research Station for about 30 years, and mom loved to tell the story of how she called up the person in charge and got him that job. When my nephew was killed in an auto accident we all assisted in a project so that at the station there is an outside covered area with picnic tables that is dedicated to Trevor Dean Humphrey. I was still connected with the state government at the time and made some calls to ensure the answer to the idea was not rejected. I de-tasseled corn and worked at a bird-seed farm as a kid but following that find the most desire for farming to be akin to your gardening–which is truly great to read of in your comment. Ah, spring!

      1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

        The only place flatter than N of Hancock to just S of Plover might be I-55 (IL) from Honey Bend to Livingston.

        My sister and BIL (former overseer of the Kemp Natural Resources Station in Woodruff) recall a Gary Humphrey; he your brother?

        The Gotch

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