Now It Is OREO Cookies…..Why Do Some Conservatives Thrive On Bigotry, Buffoonery?

There seems to be no end to the protracted culture wars that some people are just determined to start and continue. Who cares if people are hurt along the way, there are political points to be scored.

One of the first items on my email list this morning was a news story about blowback over cookies! It started with a major company reaching out through a truly impressively made video to showcase a resolve to stand with gay men and women.

The two-minute short film (at bottom of this post) about the, at times, difficulty of coming out, was produced in tandem by Oreo and PFLAG. As we are too aware, such positive moves that align with dignity and understanding for gay people, often run smack dab into some conservatives who wish to head back to whatever time their red hats are calculated for.

This morning I read that some of the mouthpieces for the far-right are all set and ready to boycott “gay cookies”. I suspect, however, those same conservative shouters are morally fine with Herschel Walker’s primary senate campaign in Georgia, even though the troubled football player was accused by his ex-wife of making multiple threats against her life. In 2005 she secured an order of protection against him. His now ex-wife stated Walker pointed a pistol at her head and said, ‘I’m going to blow your (I do not allow this world on my blog) brains out.’ 

But Walker is straight, and never finished college…so he fits in perfectly for the likes of Ben Shapiro. The ones to fear are not the abusers of women, but the cookies!

The Note,” is filmmaking with wonderful lighting, a few well-placed words, music that drives the mood, and compassion for a young Chinese-American man practicing a coming-out speech before a few close family members. Before the young man shares his truth with his grandmother, his mom slips him a note. “She might be my mother,” it reads, “but you are my son.”

The video ends with a message for viewers to pay it forward. “Coming out doesn’t happen just once,” it says. “Be a lifelong ally.”

What possibly could be the reason for the vitriol from the right about this video, and now the start of what will be a phenomenal failure at boycotting OREO cookies?

Why are bigotry and buffoonery the only way to connect with the conservative base? When we answer that question we may know far more as to why our politics are so dysfunctional.

And so it goes.

6 thoughts on “Now It Is OREO Cookies…..Why Do Some Conservatives Thrive On Bigotry, Buffoonery?

  1. I’m not sure why companies think they must publicly virtue signal towards groups of people that ignorant people are bigoted against, can’t they simply make sure that they aren’t ignorant bigots and don’t project ignorant bigotry?

    I don’t disagree with these companies letting people know they’re against bigotry, but this kind of virtue signaling media push seems to me like a manipulative tear jerking media ploy very much like the year end in-your-face ASPCA ads right down to the tone of voice the narrators use. This kind of media push seems so disingenuous to me even though it may not be disingenuous.

    It seems to me that people are thinking they must virtue signal as being “pro” (as in favor of) things, like LGBT…, to show their disapproval of anti-LGBT… bigotry where in fact they’re misunderstanding that the opposite of bigotry is tolerance not being “pro”. I am not “pro” LGBT…, I’m “pro” hertosexual simply because I am a hertosexual male, but I am not a bigot against LGBT… etc. Personally I think a person’s sex life is their choice and none of my damn business.

    1. Having grown up in a rural and culturally conservative area as a gay kid (teenager) I view this issue from a more direct perspective. This OREO ad was about a young gay person wondering how to come out to his grandmother. I know as a kid I would have welcomed knowing that a powerhouse of a company–and a cookie one at that!–had my back. I also know this ad has a business angle, and surely was test-driven nine ways to Sunday, and can be argued for its merits, or not, from 30,000 feet. But for me, and at the ground level, I think of the many gay teenagers who live in rural areas, face bigotry in one way or another, and just need to know, and have some assurance that living authentically is truly an option as they prepare for adulthood. Business and ethics can blend and have in many ways over the decades. This is but another example.

      1. dekerivers wrote, “I think of the many gay teenagers who live in rural areas, face bigotry in one way or another, and just need to know, and have some assurance that living authentically is truly an option as they prepare for adulthood.”

        That’s a good point.

        I see today’s world is being vastly different in regards to the LGBT… community than it was when you and I were a teenagers, there is a lot less of that in-your-face kind of bigotry than there was years ago. That doesn’t mean that bigotry doesn’t still exist but it’s much less prevalent than it was years ago. Bigotry is likely to always exist until humans evolve beyond such petty nonsense.

        These things are good to discuss and I appreciate your perspective.

  2. patrickmoloughlin

    Ben Shapiro graduated from high school at 16, received his Bachelor’s from UCLA (summa cum laud) at age 20 and then graduated from Harvard Law (cum laud.) How does he “fit in perfectly” with drop out Walker?

      1. dekerivers wrote, “Reading comprehension.”

        I think I detect a little bit of bias in that statement, it may not accurately apply to what you’re replying to. Opinion differences on what’s written doesn’t mean there is a reading comprehension problem.

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