Wasilla Hillbilly Looks For Comeback, But Alaska Voters Deserve Competence, Must Reject Sarah Palin

There seems always to be a tug for nostalgia in the nation. Bringing back fond memories of the past makes it possible, for example, that Alex O’Loughlin reprises the role of Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0. The role played by Jack Lord in the 1970s.

But not everything that has rusted, been used, and placed in the garbage should be taken out and offered a new shine. That is especially true when it comes to Sarah Palin, who is prowling for a new gig at the trough of public tax dollars.

Alaskan voters are being asked to weigh in on nearly 50 candidates for that state’s lone member of the House of Representatives. With raccoon-like glee, Palin has latched onto that shiny hope for a chance to get an annual income and at the same time ramp up her level of bombast with air-time in the crazy-land of conservative media.

The people of Alaska, however, deserve competent and intelligent leadership with their sole House representative. They require an elected person seeking to lift up the needs of the voters and not the hi-jinks and embarrassments that come with the Wasilla Hillbillies.

When Palin landed in the ‘lower 48’ in 2008 as part of Republican John McCain’s presidential ticket–a move that should have been viewed as an act of terrorism–the nation was treated to years of outrageous behavior from that entire family. It also allowed the GOP to sadly–both for the party and country–to hatch many of their own who thought saying ridiculous things and acting in horrid ways was now also their right.

Trying to make Palin acceptable then has left the Republican Party weaker today. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn are the ilks that have followed in the footsteps of Palin. Meanwhile, the modern-day Jack Kemps can not even consider a step into GOP politics as they do not wish to need to lower themselves into the slime that is required now to compete.

In Alaska, a state which is filled with beauty and grander and one I wish to return to for a much longer visit, well recalls the very public divorce of the one who now wants to be a member of congress.

Todd Palin cited when filing for divorce “incompatibility of temperament” and stated he found it “impossible to live together as husband and wife.” Well, duh!

What took Todd so long to discover that fact can long be pondered. I have often suggested that what keeps marriages healthy and thriving is a good dose of laughter. But that would not have been possible with Todd as one should not be always laughing at the other spouse. 

But when it comes to Sarah Palin what can one do other than just laugh at her?

The voters of Alaska need to have a member of congress who is respected. They need their own updated version of Jack Lord.

And so it goes.

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