Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn Shown In Drag, Baptist Voters Will Kick Him Out Of House

The current base of the Republican Party is simply hard to take seriously. Without policy ideas and maturity among much of their elected class we are left to talking about their oddities, outlandish words, and behavior.

Such as today’s latest news about one of the creepier House members, North Carolina’s Madison Cawthorn. His own admitted lies about being invited to sex orgies in the nation’s Capital left some wondering just how much counseling it would take to unwind his spool of troubles.

Today, Twitter and other outlets are showing the real side of conservative Cawthorn as he dons lingerie in what appears to be a party setting. The photographs were obtained by POLITICO.

I could care less about the personal sex life of the wheelchair-bound Cawthorn, but it does rankle when he plays traditional Christian principles for a cheap partisan purpose while pushing his troubling narrative about a twisted brand of masculinity that damages young males, while also living his double life.

These types need to be called out pubically when they use their interpretation of the Bible along with conservative politics to undermine gay people or transgenders.

Voters in his Republican district, with a Baptist stripe wide and deep, have seven other options to choose from in the upcoming May 17th primary. His 15 seconds of embarrassing fame are about over.

And so it goes.

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