Madison’s Freedom Inc. Should Not Make Demands Of Judges

Anyone who reads this blog for only a few weeks knows that the proliferation of guns, and the increasing deaths and injuries from these weapons, is a continuing theme. The gun culture has exploded and the price for society is too darn high.

So it comes as no surprise that when a person shoots and kills someone with a gun that was not legal to own I then support the legal process that renders justice. One of the common-sense themes I emphasize is that the laws and statutes that are on the books need to be enforced. That is one way to stem gun crimes.

This brings me to Kenyairra Gadson, a woman who made news earlier this year for the trial regarding her shooting and killing Steven Villegas. She contended in her trial it was a matter of self-defense.

…a jury returned a guilty verdict on January 26, convicting Gadson of first degree reckless homicide and illegal possession of a firearm. Dane County Circuit Court Judge Chris Taylor, a former Democratic state legislator, will determine a sentence on May 6. Gadson faces up to 65 years in prison. 

This story would not make for any more front-page headlines if not for Freedom Inc. and Gadson’s advocates…demanding that Taylor sentence Gadson to the time she has already served over the course of the case.

In other words, allowing for Gadson to be released on May 6th.

I have found it troubling in the past for huge rallies and powerful interest groups to protest at the United States Supreme Court. Putting undue pressure on judges or trying to manipulate the justice system is unseemly and runs counter to the more elevated nature we need and want justice to have in the nation.

And in Dane County.

I still hope for younger generations to take a deep dive into civics and better grasp why certain foundations and fundamentals must exist in our judicial process. Clearly, that is not the case when Freedom Inc demands anything from a judge.

The legal procedures from any arrest to trial have a very precise and process-driven set of steps. I believe those were followed in this case, and the jury verdict following this trial concluded as the evidence demonstrated.

If this jury’s verdict can be so easily dismissed, and a judge flippantly undermines the work of the men and women who took the time to do their jury duties, then what credibility does any jury have in the future? Freedom Inc. and Gadson’s advocates need to understand that the process they scorn now and try to undermine is the same process that will allow them in another case to have their day in court and the protection from the system.

It really is not a difficult argument to comprehend.

As such, there is no rational judge who will toss aside all the evidence and the work of a jury following a trial for the ‘demands’ from the ones who lost in court. No judge will be so disdainful about law and order in society.

Because law and order do matter.

And so it goes.

One thought on “Madison’s Freedom Inc. Should Not Make Demands Of Judges

  1. Dekerivers wrote, “One of the common-sense themes I emphasize is that the laws and statutes that are on the books need to be enforced. That is one way to stem gun crimes.

    I couldn’t agree more, in fact, that’s how you stem ALL crimes.

    That also happens to be the exact same argument that 2nd Amendment advocates have been making for nearly as long as I’ve been on this Earth and yet anti-gun advocates have rejected it and they push and Push and PUSH for more and MORE regulations and more and MORE laws and nothing they do makes gun related crime any better. Politicians engage in a “we must do SOMETHING” rationalization even if it’s wrong so they can virtue signal towards the loudest anti-gun voices of the day. There’s no logic, critical thinking or common sense being applied, there’s only “we must do SOMETHING” emotional reactions. Common sense died a long time ago, or darn close to it, when it comes to gun control advocates, almost everything they engage in is over-the-top emotional hysteria to gin up support for their anti-gun obsession – the 2nd Amendment be damned.

    Here’s a fact of life, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Stupid people want there to be fewer police, defund the police, and make it take much longer for the police to respond to emergencies.

    In the end; it’s the responsibility of the individual to protect themself and their family when those few seconds count, this is a reality that people choose to ignore.

    Dekerivers wrote, “Madison’s Freedom Inc. Should Not Make Demands Of Judges”

    Of course they shouldn’t, but you don’t seem to be “thinking” (I’m using that word loosely when it comes to Freedom Inc.) like they do.

    When talking or writing about Freedom Inc. one must fully realize that for racists everything is about race and, in my personal opinion, Freedom Inc. has shown us that their core is anti-white and anti-white culture. They intentionally exploit non-white race and oppose all things white in everything they do and it appears that their goal is for the public to bow to their will or suffer the consequences. Freedom Inc. doesn’t give a hoot about the law, the justice system, logic, critical thinking or common sense they want everyone, including those in the justice system, to pander to them. Freedom Inc. shows signs of emotional childishness.

    10 Signs of Emotional Childishness
    1. Emotional escalations.
    2. Blaming.
    3. Lies.
    4. Name-calling.
    5. Impulsivity—or as therapists say, “poor impulse control”.
    6. Need to be the center of attention.
    7. Bullying.
    8. Budding narcissism.
    9. Immature defenses.
    10. No observing ego—that is, no ability to see, acknowledge, and learn from their mistakes.

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