Donald Trump’s Operation Legend In Chicago Regarding Guns Did Work

I believe one needs to head back to April 2018 on this blog to find the last time I was able to find something in which I could agree with Donald Trump. At that time it was the decision by the United States to send missiles into Syria for that nation’s use of chemical weapons. Though a limited and symbolic rebuke to President Assad’s putrid behavior at breaking international law, it was nonetheless the correct response to the dictator.

Today, with data to back me up, I can agree with another action that was the result of Trump’s four years in office. The Chicago Sun-Times best known as “the hardest-working paper in America,” reported the following about Operation Legend, a short-lived effort looking to make people arrested for crimes involving guns face tougher federal penalties than they might if prosecuted in this case–by Cook County courts.

We all should be able to agree on policies designed to rein in gun violence.

Authorities have said that at least 170 people were arrested in the Chicago area in Operation Legend, including 130 on gun charges and 40 on drug charges.

For context, Chicago recorded more than 770 killings that year and thousands of nonfatal shootings.

The average federal sentence of nearly four years in the cases the Chicago Sun-Times reviewed was far higher than what’s typically seen in the Cook County courts.

To determine that, the Sun-Times examined a decade of Cook County sentences in cases in which the most serious charge was illegal gun possession. The average prison sentence was less than a year — 254 days — in the approximately 4,000 cases filed between 2011 and the end of 2021. About 2,300 other cases resulted in probation, according to a Cook County database.

What one can absolutely disagree with, however, was the political timing of the larger plan by the Trump White House. Using law and order for election purposes Trump trotted out Operation Legend after a year of growing social pressure on police tactics in the nation. But we know the need to curtail guns was raging in places like Chicago in 2017 when Trump was inaugurated. And St. Loius. And Baltimore. And…

What riled so many at the time Trump sent federal agents to cities in July 202o was that it fit into the larger narrative about his autocratic moves. It did provoke deep concern when sending in federal forces to major cities with Democratic mayors—in an election year. And after the attempted insurrection with Trump’s support and backing on January 6th at the nation’s Capitol, the federal move in hindsight by Trump that summer seems even darker.

Now I certainly understand how in many presidential election years the GOP has spasms and urgings to show how tough they are and how patriotic they can be.  George H.W. Bush, who often gets respect for international policy on this blog, was nonetheless going for the gutter when he used the flag for his bid for the Oval Office, just as Richard Nixon is to be harangued for stoking the middle-class angst over cultural discord in the 1968 election.

So, it is clear that Trump was playing to his election base of white male voters in mid-2020 and was not truly interested in curtailing gun violence. The desire to look tough and act autocratically has long been the default for Trump. That he hungered and slavishly sought the favorable nods and ‘love letters’ from dictators worldwide was not lost on a swath of the nation.

But having said all of that there is no way to not recognize the bold type steps–such as Operation Legend–that will be required to stem the gun culture which creates daily death and bloodshed in the nation.

I would have advised the Biden White House to not have ended the program, but rather tweaked the policy so ‘the locals’ did not feel like the ‘the feds’ were running roughshod. There is much, much merit in getting as many guns…and the misfits who carry them–off the streets. Who can deny that fact?

What probably goes without saying is that even at the time Trump was correct he was so inept that he bungled that, too.

I can not fathom a third Trump action or policy that I will be able to agree with. After all, even a broken clock can be right only twice, come morning and night.

And so it goes.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Operation Legend In Chicago Regarding Guns Did Work

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    The Gotch is not The Donald’s biggest fan, but:

    ​Trump signs historic USMCA trade agreement
    Trump Creates New Position Dedicated to Fighting Human Trafficking
    Trump signs law giving Veterans smoother path to STEM careers
    Trump signs bill restoring funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities
    Trump signs bill that makes Extreme Animal Cruelty a Felony
    Trump signs executive order protecting Medicare
    Trump Signs Bill Protecting Disability Payments for Veterans Who Declare Bankruptcy
    Trump signs 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law
    Trump signs bill to fund Autism CARES Act
    Trump meets Kim Jong Un at DMZ and becomes first sitting US President to enter North Korea
    Trump signs measure aimed at Preventing Veteran Suicides
    Trump signs Major public lands Conservation bill into law
    Trump signs into law Genocide Prevention Act
    Trump signs legislation enhancing US Leadership in Indo Pacific region
    Record low unemployment/high employment for Blacks, Hispanics, and X-Chromosomal Units.

    The Gotch

  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    OT, but with two (2) Diva and four (4) Sweet Success starts already sprouted under the lights, is it too late for the recently discovered Cucumis Sativas AKA the Cucumber Wautoma to make an apperance?

    Care to guess the name’s inspiration…?

    The Gotch

    1. Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote, “OT, but with two (2) Diva and four (4) Sweet Success starts already sprouted under the lights, is it too late for the recently discovered Cucumis Sativas AKA the Cucumber Wautoma to make an apperance?”

      I feel like my Cranial Power Generation Potential just went up a few points because I have absolutely no clue what you’re trying to say.

      1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

        Diva and Sweet Success are cucumber varieties, as is the aforementioned Cucumber Wautoma, which is named after a town not too far from where the Blogge Administrator was raised.

        The Gotch’s cuke slots are filled for the 2022 growing season, regrettably before discovering there was a uniquely WESconsin variety available.

        The Gotch

        1. I had no idea that Wautoma has a cuke named for it. I might need to get out more! Thanks for the info and that hope about the growing season as the sky remains cloudy and gray…..I need sunshine–maybe even two days of such weather in a row! Thanks again.

          1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

            Not many people are aware of all the vegetables raised in that central WESconsin tier of counties.

            The Gotch is more of a Tomato Connoisseur/Aficionado and will be growing WESconsin derived cultivars Amish Paste, and the Sheboygan and Greenbush Italian Heirlooms (amongst beau coup, eclectic variety others) this season.

            Just transplanted some Space Hybrid Spinach outdoors last Friday; the Earth Day drop seeded Salad Bowl, Jericho Red, etc. lettuces, are poking up, and the Daikon Radishes should soon follow.

            The weather? When early Hyacinths are peaking, Daffodil/Jonquil/Narcissus are only half flowered, and Lilacs/Viburnums/Hydrangeas are barely leafing, and Bleeding Hearts & Peonies are only one foot/.3 meters up (if that!) and it’s May freakin’ 2nd, you’s know yer behind.

            This is the latest, coolest, dreariest Spring he can remember; the lack of participation by that big Yellow thing in the sky juuuuuuust may have something to do with it.

            The Gotch

            1. This is the latest planting of spring flowers since we moved into our home in 2007. Like you, I too, am a tomato guy. Our family garden was huge and dad would raise scores of the plants, and make sure the tobacco worms were knocked off into a pail he carried along with a hoe handle to dislodge the insects. I can still see my dad with a stick and 5-gallon pail to collect potato bugs, too, as he would not use spray. It may seem quaint, but that is how I was raised in the 1970’s. Mom came from Arkansas and the tradition as a girl from her mother was to have a large bowl of freshly cut tomatoes on the supper table, a way of life I knew as a child, and one we still have at our home now as I near 60. I love the Zebra and Rainbow varieties—but truth is I love them all. James comes from Maine where the variety of potatoes does cause one to question the limited varieties that we find locally.

        2. Cornelius_Gotchberg,
          Whew… thought I was loosing it for a minute.

          Now going back and rereading your comment, it makes sense to me too.

          Thanks for bring my Cranial Power Generation Potential back down to a “normal” level. 🙂

  3. Yes President Trump did some good things when he was president that I think many on the political left would support once they got down to the bare bones policy matters, but most Democrats can’t get beyond their pure unbridled hate of Trump and that drives them to oppose anything that Trump did or does, it’s an unhealthy obsession.

    Dekerivers wrote, “the attempted insurrection with Trump’s support and backing on January 6th at the nation’s Capitol”

    When are you going to stop writing misinformation?

    1. It wasn’t an “attempted insurrection”.
    2. Trump did not “support” the riot or the violence.
    3. Trump did not “back” the riot or the violence.
    4. What Trump did do was to use his constitutionally protected free speech to support a constitutionally protected peaceful demonstration where some ignorant people went off the rails of civility. You don’t have to agree with the reason for the demonstration.

    The fact is that Correlation ≠ Causation, it never has and it never will.

    As for 2024; I won’t support Trump or Biden for another term. We need MUCH better Presidential candidates.

    1. I hold true to the needs of our democracy. I would hope/trust that is not a left-right view, but rather a united one as citizens. As such, on Jan 6th, two months after Trump lost the election he was continuing to tell his base that he had won and that Biden could still be stopped from becoming the president and I quote the three words from that speech as they matter..he stated if they “fight like hell,” which is a strong endorsement for the ones who stormed the Capitol and shows how he wanted them to act and change things, not merely raise their voices in protest. The growing array of evidence shows that Trump did support the riot, and worked to promote it. It was not an accident they plotted and planned to storm the capitol on the day Electoral College votes were counted. The other quick note–but not a minor point at all–is that the words of a president matter. This is not Ben at the local bar talking, but the President of the US. Finally, the process of government and doing the work within our political institutions is a very prescribed and formal undertaking. There must never be an allowance for any undermining of that process.

      1. Dekerivers wrote, ” I quote the three words from that speech as they matter..he stated if they “fight like hell,” which is a strong endorsement for the ones who stormed the Capitol and shows how he wanted them to act and change things, not merely raise their voices in protest. ”

        Nice cherry picking there my friend but I can engage in that kind of cherry picking nonsense too…

        I’ll quote seven words (in bold) from that speech as they matter without extrapolating to absurdity, he stated “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.

        The words I quoted are self-evident and in direct support of the Constitution whether you like it or not, what you quoted is pure hyperbole and LOTS of politicians use that same kind of hyperbole in their rhetoric. It’s interesting that when Trump engages in that kind of rhetoric and some people went beyond reason with their actions it’s Trump’s fault because of that rhetoric when in fact that is pure partisan consequentialism (the doctrine that the morality of an action is to be judged solely by its consequences) and unethical.

        The fact remains that President Trump’s words on January 6th were constitutionally protected free speech and did not legally incite anything, like it or not, that’s the law. Now if you would like to make the argument that President Trump’s speech on January 6th was irresponsible, I’m right with you on that one.

        Listen to this entire video below from Alan Dershowitz, he has more on the same topic, they are very educational..

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