White Supremacists In America Today Stoked By FOX News

Charlottesville, August 2017 Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, and White Supremacists, Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

There are so many columns and sources to read today following the mass shooting Saturday that much of the agenda I had laid out for myself got pushed aside. This Sunday for much of the nation meant absorbing the horror and intensely emotional consequences of the mass shooting in Buffalo.

James had asked late last night if the father of an 8-year-old child had survived the assault of bullets from the Bushmaster XM-15. We found out today that the child and her dad, who were at the grocery store picking out a birthday cake, thankfully were not shot. Dad hid with his daughter inside the milk coolers until the police arrived.

The accounts from those who were outside the store, ones who heard the high capacity bullets being shot from the weapon, and family members recalling their loved ones made for heart-wrenching television watching.

But also the columns and opinion pieces from newspapers and from citizens around the country who gave voice on social media made for many must-reads.

Late this evening as the nation prepares for the Blood Moon eclipse in the sky–and it seems so fitting for this day–comes Brian Stelter’s words. Via CNN’s Reliable Sources.

Think about it this way: White supremacists used to disguise themselves in white robes and secretly meet under the cover of night. Now they sit at home and convene on extremist message boards, in broad daylight, interconnected like never before. They may hear their twisted beliefs echoed by TV stars and elected officials. The Buffalo shooting video that was live-streamed on Twitch was akin to a modern-day lynching to some degree. It was a vein of hate streamed for anyone to see. While Twitch removed the original video quickly, and said it tried to stamp out any reposting, the massacre from the POV of the gunman is still one click away on other sites. “The video is never going away,” WaPo reporter Drew Harwell wrote the following.

‘’The Buffalo shooting video is circulating online. One copy has more than 2 million views. Someone linked to it 10 hours ago on Facebook; it now has 500 comments, 46,000 shares and is still online. The original Twitch stream had 22 viewers. The video is never going away.’’

The shooting and what is at the core of the rancid belief structure of too many of our fellow citizens is very much cause for concern. The shooter in Buffalo did not just click on one website or read one racist rant online. He was spoon-fed vile racist rubbish that is pushed by FOX News no different than drug dealers peddling their sordid poisons on street corners.

Then the echo chambers of elected conservative Republicans mimic and ape the shows and hosts on FOX News for ever-more coverage aimed at the under-educated base who lap up the hate speech. Then they go out and spew it to others at work or through social media. Is it any wonder that the Associated Press and NORC conducted a large national poll examining conspiratorial ideas showing nearly half of Republicans agree to at least some extent with the idea that there’s a deliberate intent to “replace” native-born Americans with immigrants?

White nationalism and white supremacists are realhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/05/15/buffalo-shooter-hate-tucker-carlson/. And they are dangerous. Just ask the residents of Buffalo.

In 2021, Tucker Carlson went even further and openly embraced the “great replacement” theory that inspired the Buffalo shooting as well as the earlier white-supremacist attacks in Pittsburgh, El Paso and Christchurch. He suggested that “the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World.” (His Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham has said the same thing.) The Anti-Defamation League demanded that Fox fire Carlson. But Fox’s chief executive, Lachlan Murdoch, stood by him, allowing his network to continue spewing racist vitriol.

A number of Republican politicians, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Rep. Scott Perry (Pa.) and Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis.), have openly espoused the “great replacement” theory too. A few hours after the Buffalo shooting, Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters (R) posted a video saying: “The Democrats want open borders so they can bring in and amnesty **tens of millions** of illegal aliens — that’s their electoral strategy.” J.D. Vance, the GOP Senate nominee in Ohio (who, like Masters, is bankrolled by billionaire Peter Thiel), offers an even sicker twist on this demented theory: He says that Democrats are not only opening the borders to create “a shift in the democratic makeup of this countrybut that President Biden is deliberating letting fentanyl into the country to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland.”

FOX News and other right-wing sites have promoted the racist theory over and over again to their audience, and we are seeing the results from hate-mongering. Our nation had a painful example this weekend of what happens when white supremacists give up dog whistles and use a foghorn.

Unless we step up as a united country and use everything from PSAs on prime time broadcasts, newspaper editorials, and late-nite hosts denouncing in pithy ways the knuckledraggers, we are not going to stem this racism and resulting violence. Liberal society must pounce hard on what we are being offered as an alternative to the diverse world we live in.

And so it goes.

2 thoughts on “White Supremacists In America Today Stoked By FOX News

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    Chicago: At least 33 shot, five (5) fatally over the weekend.

    Milwaukee: At least 24 shot, three (3) fatally, over the weekend.

    White Supremacists not considered suspects….

    The Gotch

    1. You are right that gun crimes— shootings, deaths, and injuries are increasing, and the two cities you cite are prime examples. In 2021, I wrote an article and Urban Milwaukee published it regarding inner-city shootings, with an emphasis on Chicago. “But while learning of what is happening in Chicago neighborhoods there must also be an awareness of how Wisconsin plays a role in that gun violence. Guns that end up on Chicago’s streets often come from Indiana and Wisconsin. In 2019, of more than 11,000 guns confiscated by Illinois authorities, 460 were traced back to Wisconsin, which ranked third for states with the most gun traces outside of Illinois, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

      We need to re-examine the issues at play that allow for hundreds of guns to leave our state and cause injury and death. Wisconsin needs to implement stricter standards for gun dealers. The reason why is most obvious. ”

      Trust that your concern about these inner-city shootings in places like Chicago will make you an advocate for needed gun control measures so these weekend stats–which are always higher than weekdays–can be trimmed and stemmed. Thanks for caring.


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