AR 15 Must Be Banned. Period.

Far too many mass shooters use an AR-15 to kill people, injure others, and strike fear into our nation. While we know that one does not need an AR-15 to shoot at people, as inner-city streets of most cities make that point very clear, it is abundantly clear the AR-15 is the mass murderer’s weapon of choice for such violence.

The AR-15’s purpose is clear based on far too frequent mass shootings which underscore the sickening built-in efficiency in accomplishing the gunman’s mission of rapidly killing many people.  AR-15-style semiautomatic and fully automatic weapons are civilian versions of military weapons, and reasonable people know there is no reason under the sun as to why this weapon is allowed for sale to the general public.  The deadly weapon has no valid recreational use. Period.

While the amoral gun industry and the bat-crap crazy NRA will conjure up all sorts of reasons why the average everyday American should have a weapon designed for the battlefield–based on their greed and ability to look past the blood from their victims–the majority in the nation know better. While the knuckledraggers prattle on about why they should have such a weapon logic dictates the AR-15 is in no way meant for hunting. The AR 15 has one mission, and only one. To kill people. Many of them. In mere seconds.

The AR-15 should be outright banned. 

The folks in places where such weapons are used now know that to be true, too. Places, where such violence is unleashed, know the grave harm that can befall a community by an AR 15, along with the lack of gun laws in the nation that could have stemmed such death and injury.

Any angry person can obtain an AR 15 and since there are no required training classes and no compiling of names of those who own this military-grade weapon the public is unaware of those who are stockpiling such weapons and the ammo to fire.

The public only gets that information once funeral services are required for their loved ones.

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