Conservative Politicians Put Nation Over Party And Boris Johnson Implodes

Long-time readers of this blog know my contempt for soon-to-be departed Prime Minister Boris Johnson. From his demagogic use of Brexit on that part of the British populace which was easily led and manipulated, to his caddish lifestyle choices, there were always an array of reasons why Johnson was not to be admired. There were always real-time reasons he was to be rightly repudiated.

From a governing style, I often wrote over the years that Johnson’s need to build alliances in Parliament would be fraught with difficulties based on his personality. Boy, that was an understatement!

In just the latest example, Johnson was again unable to use good judgment concerning a Conservative lawmaker, Chris Pincher, who at a rich and exclusive club groped two men. Even though Johnson knew that he had previously entered upon other inappropriate behavior Pincher was given a top-ranking party position earlier this year.

As a result, more than 50 members of Johnson’s government have resigned since Tuesday.

Today Johnson, the only leader in the world who could not seemingly afford a comb, tailor, or valet so to assist in looking well presented announced that he is stepping down as the leader of the Conservative Party. He will continue briefly as prime minister “until a new leader is in place”.

I have noted over the years on Caffeinated Politics that Johnson’s political demise was imminent since he always walked close to the indefensible. I have long been disappointed as he always found some way to further manipulate just enough of his party so as to retain power. This time, however, Johnson is truly going to be gone from 10 Downing Street.

Some party members may now be upset with this latest method used to eject Johnson, but that is too bad, as they can only blame themselves for allowing such a bizarre and bombastic character to hold their highest office. The members of Parliament correctly have taken a lead in this forced ouster, unlike how Theresa May was replaced. A woman one could respect, even when disagreeing with her policies. I wrote highly of her on this blog as being cerebral and someone who has a fine reputation.

The central reason I deplore Johnson can be summed up with what occurred in 2019. It was a lesson in democracy and patriotism when twenty-one Conservative politicians defied Johnson’s wishes by voting for a motion that was in opposition to his Brexit desires. As a result of those votes and within a short span of time, the temper tantrum from 10 Downing Street was being unleashed. (Truly, conservatives have to be more mindful that character matters when it comes to those holding public offices.)

As a result of the bombast from Johnson, it was reported that Conservative MPs who did not support the prime minister “will have the Tory whip removed”, meaning that they would not be allowed to stand as Conservative representatives in parliament.

That is the price that had been threatened.  But (here me now) that was a price those members were willing to pay as they put their nation above and beyond their political careers and fears of a bombastic leader. (Oh, how the fawning Republican conservative knee-benders in our Capitol could learn a lesson from their brethren across the pond.)

It should be noted on Sept. 3, 1939, England declared war against Germany, and Winston Churchill was invited back from political exile to serve as First Lord of the Admiralty and later a prime minister in the war against Adolf Hitler. Eighty years later to the day, his grandson, Nicholas Soames, would be expelled from the Conservative Party for voting against Prime Minister Johnson on Brexit.  

As we all are aware there are very few Republicans, other than those who are not seeking re-election, who have the decency and common sense to lift our country over the insanity that has been smeared by the actions of Donald Trump and his followers. Very few of the Republican Party show any degree of bravery, hardly none like that demonstrated by Soames.

Today’s news from Britain is positive as another elected official who was wedded to nationalism, xenophobia, and unshackled populism was brought down. Once again we have seen what leadership looks like from those who care enough to make a difference.

It looks and feels great.

Thanks to those in Britain who placed country over party. The world salutes you.

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